[JWA Story 2] Part 1: A new era

2 months have passed since Utarinexes defeat, procera is still on the run, but everyone else is doing fine. Monostegotops cleared his name, and since indominus Rex is king, Indoraptor is a prince, and Erlidomimus is a princess! All of the gang are shown as heroes, because of what they did.

Indoraptor: You know, this is so insane… one minute I’m running from being arrested, and now I’m a prince.

Monostegotops: Yea I’m glad to no longer be a crime boss. Being a hero is so much better…

Indomimus Rex: Oh being king is fun. It’s been so peaceful, and outcast village is now part of us.

Erlidomimus: Can I be crowned an official Disney princess?

Trykosaurus: No your not owned by Disney, Your not even in a film. We’re all just in a forum post!

Thoradolosaur: Easy there. Let’s not shatter the 4th wall too much…

Monomimus: I have respect! :smiley:

Spinotasuchus: Even tho my time as king is over, I’m still happy to be a hero.


Tragodistis: heh. Magna, any more information on procera?

Magnapyritor: Well so far I found some of his feathers, and footprints he forgot to cover.

Utahsinoraptor: Spyings not easy… his area is bombarded with guards now… and their all escaped convicts.

Indomimus Rex: Name them.

Utahsinoraptor: We got some like majundasuchus, Spinonyx, gigaspikasaur, einiasuchus and some others… didn’t catch too many

Everyone hears an explosion

Indoraptor: Hold on… guys we’ve got work to do!

A bunch of them rush over. Indomimus Rex and spinotasuchus stay in the palace

Pterovexus: What happened

Stygidaryx: Spinoconstrictor escaped!

Monolorhino: They literally set off an explosive from the outside… someone helped them escape, I’m immediately suspecting erlikospyx, as they escaped last week, and their claw marks are seen…

Stygidaryx: we tried to stop spino but their gone now…

Trykosaurus: Well we will find them!

At the base

Dracoceratops: Good! Spinoconstrictor welcome back.

Spinoconstrictor: Thanksss!

Procerathomimus: Erlikospyx, That was some awesome work.

Erlikospyx: Ahh it was Nothing, especially compared to my escape last week…

Majundasuchus: Well lets all give a welcome to the one who bought us all together!

Gigaspikasaur: Yea! They helped us all escape.

Spinonyx: Oh it was fun beating up that stupid bird and rhino duo.

Einiasuchus: all of you quiet, Mortem rex wants to speak!

Mortem Rex: Thank you all. As you see, we were all bought together by me. And we will assist in the return of Dracoceratops. Indomimus Rex must be killed, and so will Indoraptor and erlidom, so there will be no heir!

Dracoceratops: Good, we need to eliminate all of them. We will return to power, and I will rule supreme!

Back at the palace

Indoraptor: Where did that foul snake go…

Dimodactylus: I know where…

Indoraptor: Where?

Dimodactylus: You see, ill tell you when we get inside.


I’m in the story :hushed: I feel so honored!


Darn it, missed it when I was playing battlefront 2.

Wait what?

let erlidom be Disney princess


Man I hate how a lot of the spinosaurids are villains

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At least spinotasuchus was a good guy. Also if your fav Dino is a villain, don’t take it personally. I don’t hate any of these dinosaurs (except Draco, indoG2 and procera)