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[JWA Story 2] Part 2: The Spy

Dimodactylus: so I am a spy… I’m pretending to be allied with those dinos who worship Dracoceratops… and I’ve got some info… they found mortem Rex and want to destroy the town!

Indoraptor: Oh no! I must warn everyone!

The Two go to the palace and warn everyone

Trykosaurus: this isn’t good…

Erlidomimus: We gotta be careful! Get all the best guards!

Monomimus: having a panic attack

Indomimus Rex: Alright… so dimodactylus, Who is working with them?

Dimodactylus: So we’re dealing with procerathomimus, gigapsikasaur, einiasuchus, majundasuchus, erlikospyx, Spinonyx And Spinoconstrictor. Not to mention they want to hire more…

Thoradolosaur: Well good news guys… I went out hunting and got 50 Attack boosts and 50 Armour boosts…,

Erlidomimus: Great find! Now we gotta stop them. I’ll slap them up good, just find more so we can utilise it. Attack and a crit will equal more then Utarinex exploding!

Indoraptor: well then… let’s get down to business!

Pterovexus: To defeat the h-

Trykosaurus: Highly evil villains who work for two psychos.

Monomimus: I hope we defeat them…

Magnapyritor: Oh we will calm down.

At the base

Dimodactylus: Yea I went around… didn’t find much…

Dracoceratops: well try again.

Mortem rex: Guys I got a new member to help us… meet entelomoth.

Entelomoth: must kill Indomimus Rex. Must follow orders from Mortem Rex…

Procerathomimus: did you find anything?

Entelomoth: I found 30 Health boosts…

Spinoconstrictor: this means we now have 50!

Dracoceratops: oh we will kill them all soon enough!


And yes I did edit more in, sue me.


I wonder where the worshippers found mortem rex at

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“I am Ze Spy!”



Part 3 is releasing tomorrow.


Where is it?

Making it now.

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