[JWA Story 2] Part 3: The Eruption

Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Magnapyritor, Monostegotops And Thoradolosaur are out on an expedition

Magnapyritor: We need some speed boosts…

Thoradolosaur: Yes, And I heard we can find them in this volcano. So be patient!

Trykosaurus: Dude, Thor knows what he’s doing. He’s literally the lord of Boosts outside of this story!

Thoradolosaur: What?

Trykosaurus: Uhhh nothing…

Indoraptor: Guys stop bickering… I found the volcano.

*The 5 enter the volcano

Monostegotops: So where are they?

Indoraptor: Their scattered… I found 3 on the floor here. But some are hard to get.

Trykosaurus: Having to reach them is hard… my hands are tiny…

Gigaspikasaur: You won’t have them soon…

Indoraptor: Watch out! A Mortem Rex supporter!

Gigaspikasaur: Indeed, and I will take all these boosts.

Thoradolosaur: Not on our watch!

The 5 Get in a brutal fight

Thoradolosaur: hanging onto the edge of a rock, and will fall in the lava if he slips

Trykosaurus: Grab my tail!

Thoradolosaur: bites tail

Gigaspikasaur: Even better… tries to kill them both but feels a sharp pain in their side OW!

Monostegotops: landed a critical greater stunning impact guys I found 27 boosts! We gotta get out!

Indoraptor: rushes out

Magnapyritor: I got 10…

Trykosaurus: rushes out with thoradolosaur

Monostegotops: digs onto a rock and makes the volcano erupt but then rushes out

Gigaspikasaur: unstunned Augh get back here- the entrance is blocked by lava oh no…

The volcano erupts and gigaspikasaur is consumed in the eruption

Indoraptor: Ok we got 40 Speed boosts and took care of a mortem rex supporter!

Indomimus Rex: excellent work.

Dimodactylus: More warnings! Now there is an entelomoth working for them! Also don’t worry I’ll cover for you. I won’t tell them you got 40 Speed boosts…


Mortem Rex: I’m loaded with 50 Attack boosts… I think I’m ready to begin wreaking havoc…

Dracoceratops: Patience. Plus where’s gigaspikasaur?

Dimodactylus: they died… I found their skeleton… in an eruption…

Procerathomimus: Did they get boosts?

Dimdoactylus: No!

Erlikospyx: Well Spinonyx I really wanna kill some of them…

Spinonyx: We will… idk who to target, but just kill some civilians!


I mean, Spinonyx’s model looks like it’s going to kill everything so it makes sense for him to have those intentions.


When’s part 4?

Ok, that little Thor being the king of boosts part was pretty clever and hilarious.


I’m not sure, I’ve got writers block at the moment so it might take a while, I’m open to some suggestions and ideas btw.

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I’ll try to get part 4 out by tomorrow/friday.

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Alright it’s coming out tonight, I finally got some ideas…


Part 4 is out :sob:


Part 4 was rereleased.

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I just sooo soooooo hate how my two favorite dinos, Erlikospyx and Spinonyx, are the villains.

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Sorry about that. I thought they looked intimidating and would make for cool villains

ok but please
there are a bunch of therizinosaurs
and you used 3 so far
can you make some new heros
(skonorasaurus, Erlikogamma)
i am dying to see them in this book