[JWA Story 2] Part 4 Remake: The Ruins

This is a remake of my other part 4, flagged for being too graphic. This one is much more PG.

The dinos except Indomimus Rex and spinotasuchus are out adventuring, collecting boosts. They didn’t find any and are now returning.

Erlidomimus: ARGH! Dumb boosts! Can’t find any!

Monomimus: Why do we need them again?

Tragodistis: Because we need to stop mortem Rex and Dracoceratops from getting their filthy hands on them. I’m not bowing down to that rat again.

Indoraptor: Keep it cool guys, when we get home. We need to anyway. I’ve got stuff to report.

Thoradolosaur: Indoraptor is right. We need to get home now.

Trykosaurus: sees the beacon we’re close guys!

Pterovexus: WOOHOO WERE H-

The area where they are has been completley destroyed. All the buildings are damaged or destroyed. You can tell all citizens either fled or were slain

Pterovexus: home…

Monostegotops: Guys, search for survivors!

They all look for survivors, eventually Magna finds dimodactylus, who has pretended to kill them in front of erlikospyx, but in reality was saving them

Magnapyritor: So your saying they all fled?

Dimodactylus: Yea… they all fled to another village… I had to pretend to fight them. Disgusting behaviour. Luckily I saved some citizens…

Indoraptor: Who attacked?

Citizens: Erlikospyx, Mortem rex and Spinonyx… Indomimus Rex and spinotasuchus tried but Indomimus Rex fled…

Thoradolosaur: If only we got here earlier…

Trykosaurus: don’t feel too bad…

Monomimus comes back after looking for survivors, and is truly saddened at something he found

Monomimus: Spinotasuchus… shows them his armour

Utahsinoraptor: his head drops to the floor in sadness My cousion Who was king… Thor your now my only family left… and no I do not count that Rat, Dracoceratops!

Indoraptor: Dimo, can you show us the way?

Dimodactylus: I saw survivors head west. And I’ll also just-

Einiasuchus: You will what? giggles Admit your a traitor to Dracoceratops? I filmed it all… and he’s gonna be mad! tries to run off

Pterovexus: NO! flies over

A bunch of dinos, including citizens run to stop einiasuchus. Eventually Thor pins him on the ground

Einiasuchus: Let me go! Or you’ll end up like spinotasuchus… digs in to trip Thor over

Monostegotops: charges at einiasuchus

Einiasuchus And monostegotops Get into a fight. It’s mostly charging, head butting but they aim for any weak spots.

Erlidomimus: idea

Monostegotops: steps back and is ready to hit einia with a crit

Einiasuchus: It’s time to end this! charges back

Erlidomimus: trips up monostegotops

Monostegotops: WHA? trips over but luckily hits einiasuchus right in the weak spot

Einiasuchus: Augh! collapses

Monostegotops: finishes them off with another attack erlidom, that was a smart move but don’t do that again…

Erlidomimus: sorry…

Trykosaurus: let’s go guys… we need to find Indomimus Rex!

They all head off, but Utahsinoraptor first stays behind, and sees Pyrritator statue, which luckily isn’t damaged. He leaves spinos Armour next to it, in memory of them both, before he heads to them


There I tried to be less graphic, and i think I did a good job! I did a similar thing, but tbh I think that this part was actually sadder, as they arrived too late.

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I thought you did great! its good re-due.


Soooo, Spinotahsuchus died? :frowning:

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Part 5 comes out tommorow!

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Just a recap before this thread sinks to the bottom

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Also einiasuchus, after all pain you caused me before 1.9, you deserved that death.

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very true einosuchus was a pain on my alt account, but then it got nerfed.


Hey can a mod edit the title? I made a mistake… can you change it to:

[JWA Story 2] Part 4 Remake: The Ruins