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[JWA Story 2] Part 5: Getaway Village

After a long struggle of walking, they finally arrive at the village. It is hidden away and in a lush environment.

Indomimus Rex: Glad you guys could make it…

Indoraptor: Yea… did you save boosts?

Indomimus Rex: Lets see I got the crit- WHAT? 5 are missing?

Indoraptor: OH COME ON!

Dimodactylus: No worries, I pretended to take them…

Erlidomimus: Don’t scare us again…

Trykosaurus: So yall are fine right? talking to some citizens

Ardontosaurus: Yea… were doing alright.

Quetzorion: Well I’m not!

Pterovexus: Neither am I! I HATE MORTEM REX!

Monomimus: shiverring I don’t like mortem Rex…

Thoradolosaur: don’t worry…

Quetzorion: So a bunch of us went around, my brother Pteraquetzal went and said he saw Hadros lux… he usually is crazy but hadros lux is said to be a legend…

Erlidomimus: You sure he didn’t see a regular parasauropholus?

Suchotator: Honestly I think I might’ve seen it too…

Thylacotator: Tell me a time my brother is wrong!

Stygidaryx: her wings ripped I don’t think I have…

Monomimus: I’ll patch that up daryx…

Monolorhino: Please do… I’m useless at healing.

Indomimus Rex: Ok we need to find hadros lux. I know the story. Mortem rex is evil and Hadros lux kept them in check, if Mortem rex exists, so does hadros lux!

Indoraptor: Yea… Lord Lythronax tho, that story is a load of garbage…

Magnapyritor: Hey I like lord Lythronax!

Erlidomimus: Same But he doesn’t exist.

Trykosaurus: idea boo to Mortem Rex!

everyone boos

Trykosaurus: boo to Dracoceratops!

even more boos

Dimodactylus: Lets get a boo for procerathomimus and Spinoconstrictor!

booing intensifies

Trykosaurus: begins to sing a song mocking them, and lots of citizens join in

Erlidomimus: When we find hadros lux… Indoraptor will snatch Mortems underwear!

Pterovexus: bursts out laughing, followed by other citizens

Thoradolosaur: that rat thinks he’s the king of us again, but he’s been impeached once, next time he’s king, treat him like a peach!

Monomimus: giggles lemme try… ahem oooohhh procerathomimus loves crime… she’s a reliative of the good king Dracoceratosaurus, but acts like Dracoceratops… she must be an accident!..

everyone goes insane with insults

Dimodactylus: Every time I pretend to work with them, I resist the urge to HURL!

Pteraquetzal: comes back Guys I found hadros lux!

Quetzorion: Are you sure?

Pteraquetzal: begins describing it I got a witness.

Geminititan: I saw their hideout…

Indoraptor: then we head there…


Dracoceratops: we all are happy with the death of spinotasuchus, and everyone is absent!

Erlikospyx: Yea! Dimodactylus said he was out spying on them.

Majundasuchus: Know what, can we Attack? I’m not over the death of einiasuchus…

Entelomoth: oh guys… YOUR ALL DUMB! Dimodactylus pretends to be allied with us! I recorded einia! Martyr! Dimodactylus is a traitor…

Mortem Rex: very well… when they return… looks at Spinoconstrictor

Spinoconstrictor: yesss sssir…


the mortem rex and hadron lux relationship reminds me of season 2 of The Legend of Korra

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R.I.P stigidaryx’s wings


Part 6 eh? Ooh yes part 6 you’ll love it! It’s coming tonight!

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A note for myself:

Citizens are: Quetzorion, Pteraquetzal, Geminititan, Ardontosaurus, Suchotator, Thylacotator

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