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[JWA Story 2] Part 6: Hadros Lux

Indoraptor: So how do we get to hadros lux?

Geminititan: Simple. Follow this cave, and then go in the leaf vines.

Pteraquetzal: It’s not possible to go through them!

Erlidomimus: Oh it will be…

Magnapyritor: Well this will be interesting!

After a while, they all arrive at the cave

Magnapyritor: Careful guys… there could be a trap.

Entelomoth: hiding in the shadows

Thoradolosaur: so uhh… where are the vines? Pteraquetzal?

Pteraquetzal: Go left…

Entelomoth: attacks quetzal from behind

Trykosaurus: We have company…

Thoradolosaur: smashes head into top of the cave to make rocks come down It’s entelomoth!

Indoraptor: fights entelomoth

Entelomoth: fighting all of them, and doing really well

Erlidomimus: cloaked the entire time, and slashed the vines clean open

Entelomoth: HA! Guess what? Dimodactylus? Oh Mortem rex KNOWS!

As entelomoth screams the words “Mortem Rex”, an echoing noise is heard

Pterovexus: What was that? Please don’t be goons…

Magnapyritor: uuhhh erlidom slashed the vines open…

Geminititan: Perfect! Pteraquetzal that was awesome…

Pteraquetzal: Yea I’m going back to getaway village… attempts to fly out but falls head smack into a pile of rocks

Indoraptor: Were caved in…

Entelomoth: Good! Now I just need to end you all!

A powerful figure comes and bashes entelomoth with such force

Pterovexus: HELL YEA!

Hadros Lux: Working for mortem rex, are you? steps out the shadows

Entelomoth: Hadros lux… Attempts to run out but all the dinos keep him from escaping

Hadros Lux: I knew I couldn’t keep them cooped up forever… you see… mortem rex And I are over 1000 years old… mortem rex is responsible for destroying several towns… and ending countless lives… but I never thought he’d work with Dracoceratops…

Entelomoth: how did you know?

Hadros Lux: I have my ways… and also… charges

Entelomoth: Please no… no no…

Hadros Lux: smashes entelomoth with such force, that he is sent flying across the cave, and dies from the force of the impact, especially after being crushed by a boulder Now… smashes the caved in rocks Lets stop them…

All the dinos escape with hadros lux and return to camp

Stygidaryx: How are you so good at wing fixing?

Monomimus: I’ve done it at least 3 times…

Indoraptor: Hey guys were back! We found Hadros lux!

Quetzorion: wow you were right!

Thylacotator: Why don’t we stop mortem Rex? Dimodactylus went out to report false information to him…

Oh let’s see how this goes

Dimodactylus: Important information!

Procerathomimus: Oh Yes… grabs dimo and ties them up traitor…

Spinoconstrictor: goes to dimo and attacks them and make them hurt lllllieeess…

Mortem Rex: oh why… meh. Your worthless… here we will confine you, And later we will kill you! But we might know where you’ve been… I’ll follow your flight patterns…

Dimodactylus: growls

Mortem Rex: soon we will destroy their new hideout… laughs

Dracoceratops: Why stuff like this entertains me… destruction and all… well let’s all go! No time to waste. I found all remaining boosts that aren’t speed! You guys head full force…

Mortem Rex, Procerathomimus, Spinoconstrictor, Majundasuchus, Erlikospyx And Spinonyx go out, ready for the Attack, followed by lots of dracorex


I predict…that mortem rex and hadros lux will fight each other


Can recommend monomimus 5 star review fixed up my wing in no time. He totally didn’t pay me to say that


I feel that’s pretty obvious lol

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Part 7 and 8 will be the battle. It’s better off in 2 parts. Part 7 is out tonight.