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[JWA Story 2] Part 7: Showdown 1/2

Dracoceratops: Oh one more thing mortem…

Mortem Rex: What?

Dracoceratops: Don’t let me down like my useless cousin.

Procerathomimus: No worries.

They all head off except Dracoceratops who just sits on a chair

Dracoceratops: Alright I’m going in the other room… I’ll plan some backup… goes into a room

Utahsinoraptor: spying Think he’s gone… Time for action… notices two dracorex guards how do I knock them out… ahh yes throws a rock near them

Dracorex Guards: ! go to investigate the rock

Utahsinoraptor: slips in Dimo! I’m breaking you out! smashes carcass cage

Dimodactylus: Thank goodness! Now let’s get out before Dracoceratops sees us! the two flee

As they rush back to getaway village, they encounter the rest of the crew. Mortem rex And his goons are here

Indomimus Rex: Mortem Rex… You…

Mortem Rex: Sorry but I’m going to have to destroy you all… roars And knocks everyone back with it

Hadros Lux: jumps out of nowhere and echoes back at mortem

Mortem Rex: AUGH! YOU! I’ll rip you down!

Hadros Lux: Lets see you try… the two get into a fight

Majundasuchus: Take this! beating up civilians

Indoraptor: None of that! slashes at majunda

Trykosaurus: clubs them

Tragodistis: follows them with another club

Majundasuchus: Augh… about to fight back

Thoradolosaur: rushes in and finishes majundasuchus off with a swift bite to the neck

Monostegotops: Take some of this! charges through lots of dracorex

Monolorhino: helping with shields I’ll keep them back!

Erlikospyx: Look behind you chump!

Monolorhino: has been set on fire AHHHH!

Indomimus Rex: puts out the fire There… now I’ll take you down! begins to literally wrestle spinonyx

Spinonyx: grahh… cloak all you want! I’ll go through it!

Procerathomimus: fights monomimus and pterovexus

Pterovexus: Take this! slashes them

Monomimus: This too! kicks them

Procerathomimus: Maybe see this… spin kicks

Magnapyritor: BOOSTS! 100 in everything except speed! Their dropping!

After Magna says that, it gets more chaotic as everyone searches for boosts, fighting over them

Indoraptor: hmmm… hey I set this up… let’s try it! pulls the lever and floods the battlefield from the well

Spinonyx: slips augh! gets up I won’t fail…

Dimodactylus: slashes Spinonyx in the side, giving them a lethal wound

Spinonyx: How did you escape?!?

Utahsinoraptor: Because me… slashes at spinonyx

Quetzorion: gang up on him! pounces

A bunch of other citizens gang up on spinonyx

Spinoconstrictor: slithering And finds magna You… tries to constrict him

Magnapyritor: has armour boosts won’t work sir!

Spinoconstrictor: ssssshut Up! constricts harder

Magnapyritor: oh one thing… woosh! spins around

Spinoconstrictor: ends up letting go from pain agh!

The intense fight goes on for ages because of how many there are, and how large it is.

Erlikospyx: kills a civilian Yes! Hahaha!

Erlidomimus: revenge cloaks

Erlikospyx: Where’s that precious princess?

Erlidomimus: right behind you! unleashes a full on rampage on them, thanks to revenge cloak and the crit

Erlikospyx: NO- completley shredded into bits by the force

Indomimus Rex: throws Spinonyx against a tree

Spinonyx: Oh I swear I’ll k-

The tree is knocked over by tryko, monostego, monolorhino and tragodistis

Spinonyx: Oh you absolutely ann- crushed by the tree

Stygidaryx: Man That ability is cool… I like calling it “no escape”

Mortem Rex: has 50 Attack boosts You will cower before a carnivore!

Hadros Lux: has 50 Attack boosts No.

To Be continued in part 8!


damn this was brilliant!


Part 8 will come… I’m not sure whether it’s gonna be tonight or tomorrow.


Man, all the minions are dead. :rofl:

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