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[JWA Story 2] Part 8: Showdown 2/2

Hadros Lux And Mortem Rex are in a standoff

Indoraptor: Come on lux… tosses them a couple health boosts

Procerathomimus: Mortem! gives them some crit boosts

Pterovexus: grabs procerathomimus and flies away

Procerathomimus: Put me down! eventually gets out of his grip and is now stuck in a tree

Spinoconstrictor: I’m getting out… digs out

Most of the good dinos are fighting dracorex minions

Hadros Lux: charges at mortem rex and headbutts them

Mortem Rex: is hit, then head butts them back like a Counter, then tries to bite them

Hadros Lux: is bit in the tail, then swipes at Mortem rex

Mortem Rex: DIE ALREADY! crunches Hadros lux in the back

Hadros Lux: hurt badly

Indomimus Rex: someone heal them!

Trykosaurus: Wait hold on…

Hadros Lux: heals their back slightly

Mortem Rex: crunches them again, this time only hits the side

Hadros Lux: headbutts them back

Trykosaurus: bites Mortem rex in the side

Thoradolosaur: same as tryko

Mortem Rex: Stay out of this fools! tail swipes knocking everyone back

Hadros Lux: falls over

Mortem Rex: finally… time to die! crunches hadros lux brutally

Hadros Lux: takes the hit and is on 1hp, then does something insane Well… you always get what’s coming to you… absorbs all the damage he just took and smashes Mortem Rex forward into the side of a mountain

Mortem Rex: AUGH! has lost the boosts No! Your just a stupid herbivore! You will die! looks up to see boulders coming down to him

Mortem Rex: Woah! runs away and falls in a river, but doesn’t notice that he’s in a strong river, or that the boulders are following him Hahaha! I survived! You think twice before messing with Mortem Rex!

Indoraptor: smiles and waves goodbye

Mortem Rex: sees he’s moving left down a massive waterfall Woah! No! Nono! runs forward only to see boulders following him and gets hit in the face by one NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! falls to his death down the waterfall, and is crushed by boulders

All of the citizens and heroes are clapping and cheering, dracorex minions flee

Hadros Lux: circle of life… falls over

Tragodistis: You Ok?

The cheering stops, and they all turn to Hadros lux

Tragodistis: I’ll handle this… heals hadros luxes wounds just to make sure he doesn’t bleed to his death

Hadros Lux: I survived barley… but I need to rest for quite a few hundred years…

Pterovexus: Wow your old!

Hadros Lux: I’m as old as mortem, but I guess I outlive them… goes back into his cave to heal and charge up again

Indoraptor: Nice meeting them…

Pterovexus: shouts YOU HAD IT COMING MORTEM!

Erlidomimus: So what do we do now with the town?

Tragodistis: Don’t worry… I had some dinos rebuild the place and keep away the goons…

Indomimus Rex: Lets repair more… make sure we get it back to normal, but don’t let your guards down. Dracoceratops is still out there. And I’m pretty sure the boosts were spread around the entire world.

Everyone moves back and happy

Procerathomimus: gets back home finally…

Dracoceratops: has been seen torturing the dracorex guards who Utahsinoraptor distracted oh hey… I know it failed. Spino told me that he doesn’t know about Mortem and hadroses fates tho.

Procerathomimus: I’ll tell you. Mortem rex is dead, but Hadros retreated.

Dracoceratops: Well it’s time us 3 take matters into our own hands…

Spinoconstrictor: actually, ussss five! reveals something sinister

What you see Is Indomimus RexGen2 And IndoraptorGen2. They are copies (not exact) of their respective gen1s.


Well that’s chapter 2 down… chapter 3 and potentially 4 are left. We’re halfway through the story yall!


looks like imma pull this out for season three…4glo4a


To see down an neverending path is impossible…

No beginning, no end

That is were we are heading, down that neverending path

But if we see to the beginning and see we have done nothing, we should stop.

All stories have a purpose, some end where others begin.

Nothing is eternal

But everything has time
Time down that neverending path, towards nothing, to nothing, for nothing but to just walk.

And imagi-

Oh, wrong thing.

Great part my guy

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