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[JWA Story 3] Nominations!

Rats dont deserve spotlight

That’s why he’s the villain


Entelomoth isnt an only child.

Heroes: brontolasmus (female), mammolania (male)
villains: mammotherium (male), entelolania (male)
Entelolania was really close to entelomoth, and was devastated when moth was killed. He joins dracoceratops. Mammolania was really close to pyrritator, and was heavily injured in the massacre that resulted just after pyrri’s death. Mammolania eventually recovers, and joins the good side. Brontolasmus was also really close to mammolania in their childhood, so they join the good side as well. Mammotherium hates brontolasmus, so they join the bad side.
Edit: also add Entelochops as a bad girl. She was really close to entelomoth and entelolania.


BTW when is season three coming?

ardentismaxima vs geminititan
monolometrodon vs magnapyritor
spinoconstrictor vs dilophoboa
purrolyth vs purutaurus
indominus rex vs indomins rex gen 2
indoraptor vs indoraptor gen 2
the dracorexes (that are already present) vs the dracorex gen 2’s
thoradolosaur vs allosinosaurus
velociraptor vs deinonychus
erlidominus vs diloracheirus
erlikogamma vs erlikospyx
keratoporcus vs entelomoth
maiasaura vs ouranosaurus
triceratops vs nasutoceratops
koolasuchus vs diplocaulus (please do this one lol)

these are a few suggestions. i’m hoping you could include a few of them (please diplocaulus vs koolasuchus)


Yay i’m glad

What @th3bub14 said :wink: plus it will be satisfying to see him get his comeuppance right?

For Info, the dracorex henchmen are a mix of Gen1 and Gen2

oh. Then how about they fight an army of stygimolochs? (both gen 1 and gen 2)

anyway, i’m writing a suggestion below; nobody but @JurassicWolf should read it as if he decides to use it in the story, it would be a HUGE spoiler

Maybe, dracoceratosaurus could fight dracoceratops. I know he is dead but it would be really good if he managed to escape. Don’t introduce him in the beginning of chapter because it would be really great to have him turn up at the end of the last part and you could use that as a cliffhanger for chapter 4

Alright I’m gonna try and get part 1 out at around midnight in UK time.


anti-hero erlikospyx

and eremotherium (good)(minion)
doedicurus (bad)(minion)
sonorasaurus (good)(minion)
oh and both sides encounter a pack of wild monolophosaurs gen 2 while they find the boosts

Erlidomimus is already in the story, and we had erlikospyx already as a supporting villain

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toura as a messenger boy, for which side I don’t care

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i know i just read some of it
but its hard for me to read in order cause i just started and i cant find a list of them to read from

Just search for read [JWA Story] for chapter 1 parts and [JWA Story 2] for chapter 2 parts. Each of them have 8 parts.

Tho one thing. part 4 of chapter 2 was flagged and I had to remake it, so look for [JWA Story 2] Part 4 Remake:

I’m also planning on making a post where I post all the links to each part.

i got it!
picture this:Our heros journey on through the desert. They come across a small town, filled with dilophosaurus and sonorasaurus. they went to the tallest building and saw king diloranosaurus! they asked if King diloranosaurus could help them. he said yes and he showed them where they could find some health boosts. they are near a pyramid, but you will need two of our guides to help you find it. Our best guides are a sonorasaurus and a spinosaurus. “couldnt you just tell us directions?” “sure i guess: go left until you find the tree with the most coconuts than take another left and then a right and then take a u-tur-” “yea maybe they should just come with us”