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[JWA Story 3] Part 1: The News about Boosts

Several weeks have passed since chapter 2. Everyone’s settling but still preparing for an attack at any time. Let’s see how the heroes are doing first.

Quetzorion: Yay!

Pterovexus: Looks like our defences are up, good job zorion!

Magnapyritor: Hey guys I think that we-

The Bell rings

Magnapyritor: Oh… must be Indomimus Rex wanting our attention. Let’s go see what this is all about…

Magna, zorion And vexus head over

Indoraptor: Your all late.

Magnapyritor: Sorry, we were doing our defences up.

Trykosaurus: I understand, but this announcement is important.

Indomimus Rex: Alright everyone! Listen up. I discovered something about boosts… Nobody has them. They were spread all over the land, and are gonna be tough to find, so we need citizens and our heroes to go out and find them, and bring them to me, Erlidomimus or Indoraptor IMMEDIATELY. No exceptions! Any questions?

Mammotherium: Can we bring them to another hero to take to one of you three?

Indomimus Rex: Why of course you could give them to Tragodistis, Magnapyritor, Thoradolosaur, Monomimus, Pterovexus, Utahsinoraptor Or Trykosaurus!

Dimodactylus: Also I’m done spying on Dracoceratops. My cover was blown…

Smilonemys: Well how about this. We need to get boosts, kill any Dracoceratops ally on sight, etc.

Indomimus Rex: or capture them. It’s not easy to kill a higher up.

Stygidaryx: Alright Guys. Sorry to interrupt but we have escaped prisoners…

Monolorhino: Well only one, but this is our most wanted…

Indomimus Rex: Oh for goodness sake…

Monomimus: you mean d-dio-Diorajasaur?

Pterovexus: Sadly, yes…

Alright let’s see how our pure evil rat is doing.

Dracoceratops: So you haven’t found any boosts?

Dracorexes: No… we didn’t find any whole boosts…

Procerathomimus: Whole? What about fragments? 100 fragments make a whole.

Dracorexes: We didn’t search for fragments…

Dracoceratops: So they were searching for whole boosts?!? laughs

Spinoconstrictor: has a sense of dread

Dracorexes: they think this is a joke and begin laughing

Dracoceratops: stops laughing YOU FOOLS!!!

Dracorexes: gasp

Dracoceratops: IDIOTS! GOOD FOR NOTHING MORONS! begins throwing furniture at them, making them run out Augh… I can’t beilive I had to be that specific for those idiots… looks at his bird

Poukaidei: Kraw? (Unable to speak btw)

Dracoceratops: Poukaidei, please look for fragments of boosts… Your our sense of hope…

Poukaidei: Kaw! flies out

Diorajasaur: comes in without knocking

Spinoconstrictor: Hey it’s rude not to knock!

Diorajasaur: Can it snake, I need to see Draco.

Dracoceratops: Why dio! It’s been ages… I haven’t seen you since I was exiled from my own kingdom… You were a very useful minion…

Diorajasaur: I was shoved in a high security prison. I managed to escape luckily… Those guards are dumb…

Procerathomimus: Well lets get down to business… Let’s take them down for good…

Lets to back to the good guys…

Indoraptor: Speed boosts located! 10 of them are located in the desert!

Thoradolosaur: Lets go there!

Smilonemys: Woah woah woah… careful! There’s a sandstorm, you’ll need protection and a desert expert.


I had a good laugh when dracoceratops threw a tantrum at his minions.


thinking when to release part 2


Whenever you want to or can. This is a fun series


I’m low on ideas. So I’m not sure when part 2 is coming… I’ll try to get one out by Wednesday, and if it goes wrong (for example if I get suspended) then I guarantee it will be out by Sunday or next Wednesday.


Ok. I can start to generate some ideas. They might not be helpful, but it could fuel another idea.

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If you have any, msg me

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Apparently I cant message you

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Yay, poukadei was used

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Ahhh finally I’m unsuspended… note to self: don’t reply to posts you get annoyed at.


Thanks to the suspension, I got some ideas! Part 2 is coming on Wednesday! I’m sticking to my word.


Writing part 2. Please stand by


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