[JWA Story 3] Part 10: Devastation

Dracoceratops: begins to zip around, dealing insane damage to anyone he hits, and kills a bunch of minions effortlessly

Procerathomimus: Yes… GO!

Indoraptor: Grr… runs up to dracoceratops

Dracoceratops: Hmmm… grabs Indoraptor and throws him across the battlefield

Thoradolosaur: bites dracoceratops in the spine

Pterovexus: Nice shot! Hahahaha!

Dracoceratops: Oh im sooo dead… NOT! heals himself

Indomimus Rex: WHAT? cloaks

Dracoceratops: Oh hey indomimus! I can see you! *attacks in a rustling location but thankfully doesn’t hit indominus Rex

Indomimus Rex: attacks from behind

Dracoceratops: I’m part ceratopsian you know! shields get the point? shatters the shields and throws the shards around like knives

Diloracherius: Careful! Their like knives- AHHH! hit

Dracoceratops: maybe you should heal… oh wait has diloracheirus in an awful position

Diloracherius: The citizens will never bow down to you! Ever!

Dracoceratops: Oh… fear ALWAYS WORKS. rams diloracherius into the ground at breakneck speeds, killing him instantly

Tragodistis: NOO! clubs dracoceratops

Dracoceratops: swings tragodistis and throws them across the forest

Monomimus: fighting procerathomimus

Procerathomimus: about to kill monomimus Time to die, crybaby!

Pterovexus: grabs procerathomimus and throws them into a tree

Dracoceratops: heals procerathomimus

Indoraptor: augh… he won’t give in…

Ardentismaxima: How do we defeat him… he’s super powerful now…

Everyone hears a sound which shows that dracoceratops has absorbed the boosts, and everyone looks

Dracoceratops: evil laugh as he grows TWICE IN SIZE I can do anything I want now! The world is mine to command! To control! First I’ll conquer this nation, then I’ll travel the world and take over it all! I’ll be unstoppable! And now…

Erlidominus: oh no… attempts to revenge cloak, but is caught by Draco and thrown into a bush

Dracoceratops: Time for what I call… Devastation. slams into the ground and makes a massive explosion. Luckily, most hybrids survive and just get sent flying, but lets get an f in the chat for those who weren’t so lucky: Suchotator, Geminititan, and a few unused hybrids who I can’t be bothered to list.

The screen ends with Dracoceratops, Procerathomimus, Spinoconstrictor and Diorajasaur laughing like the psychos they are, as it all fades into black.

Listen to this music as you speculate chapter 4…


Was kinda short… just had to make you guys wait for the final moments… chapter 4 releases soon…


Draco : level 30, max boosted in everything
Hp: 7657
Attack: 2734
Speed: 155
Crit: 105:
Armor: 100%
Fierce Strike
Emergency Heal
Cleasning Impact

I’m afraid only the chompers are left.

Oh btw, indoraptor, erlidominus and tragodistis survived.

Unless I specifically said a Dino died, they survived.

I just said that cuz it has 100% armor basically or lower based on if each boost is less than 1% each time. They did survive tho. They’re still in the fight, i just assumed he had 100% armor.

Real stats by multiplying the 20 stats together.

Attack: 6378
Hp: 17865
Speed: 215
Armor: 100%
Crit: 105%

Ha it’s funny because that’s a move in jwa

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I wouldn’t say they hav 100 armour… his boosts only activate when he wants it to activate.

oh ok, that would be op

Next story HAS to be named endgame.


No lol it’s like this one anime my cousin forced me to watch, it was like Neo Digimon or something like that. Idk I watched the original.

So is this gonna pick back up a couple years later? Sort of Ocarina of Time x Star Wars x Neo Digimon x JWA? Because that would be awesome

Although writer to writer I’d say make it seem like the heroes have a bit of hope next time you do something like this. Make 8 the start, 9 the loss, and 10 the aftermath. It’s too late now, I just think that would mess with the reader a bit more

Part 1 of chapter 4 is the aftermath. Infact, most of chapter 4 is. And you’ll see the absolute worst side of dracoceratops.


I think [JWA Story 4] rolls of the tongue better


If I had to give all my chapters a name:

Chapter 1: Elected Outcasts
Chapter 2: Battle of the Titans
Chapter 3: Boost Wars
Chapter 4: The Endgame



This is a sentence

pls add sonorasaurus, eremoceros and other new hybrids in chapter four
preferrably therizinosaurs and sonorasaurus heroes
but its just a suggestion

Chapter 4… it’s the final chapter of this quadrilogy. I’m gonna try and include as much as I can, while sticking to the main characters as much as possible.

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What if I told everyone that I’d begin chapter 4 tonight?

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