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[JWA Story 3] Part 2: Sandstorm Desert

Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaur, Magnapyritor, Dimodactylus And Smilonemys are in a desert with an extreme sandstorm

Indoraptor: covering his eyes Augh where are they…

Smilonemys: Patience. I know where I’m going.

Trykosaurus: How close are we? ends up swallowing sand and literally chokes up a sandball

Thoradolosaur: HAHAHA!

Magnapyritor: Guys I see something in the distance… A pyramid

Smilonemys: That means we’re here!

Magnapyritor: How do we get in?

Smilonemys: Attack with full force. The door in particular.

Trykosaurus: with his club tail, he smashes the door with it

Thoradolosaur: charges at it and pushes it

The door is weakened.

Smilonemys: pushes against it

Indoraptor: pounces on it and opens it by doing so

Dimodactylus: Alright were here… wait what?

You see a bunch of parkour, and quicksand at the bottom

Dimodactylus: Time to take flight.

Indoraptor: Don’t. There’s spikes above that could fall at any minute- as he says it, one falls I’m good at dodging and parkour. Lemme try…

Trykosaurus: Be careful mate.

Indoraptor: From my days as a thief, this should be a cakewalk. begins to parkour

Dimodactylus: I’ll fly in if anything goes badly.

Indoraptor: a spike falls in front of him and he slips

Trykosaurus: HANG ON!!!

Indoraptor: grabs the spike and climbs on it Hey wait… begins activating lots of spikes using parkour

Spikes fall down, and you notice they block quicksand. You see that they clog up the middle slowly.

Indoraptor: HEY… not bad!

Magnapyritor: Perfect, now get more.

Eventually, they all clog up the floor, and a doorway opens.

Smilonemys: Now That was smart. I could never figure that out.

Indoraptor: has 50 Speed boosts now Exactly what I wanted, but more! It said 10, we got 50.

Dimodactylus: Home time!

They all head home… Meanwhile…

Poukaidei: flies to Dracoceratops* Krawww! has 50 crit boosts*

Dracoceratops: Why perfect… What you did in a day was better then what my cousin did in a few days… good to know your worth something.

Diorajasaur: Bad news. They have 50 Speed boosts.

Dracoceratops: Oh come on this is stupid…

Diorajasaur: But don’t worry, I know a location of 25 Armour boosts.

Dracoceratops: Then why don’t we gear up? I’d love to get some armour… Besides, we all need a little defence…

Procerathomimus: I can’t wait for our glorious return to power…

Back to the heroes

Quetzorion: can be seen handing things over A map. I heard this waterfall cave has insane boosts, but only the most skilled should go.

Indomimus Rex: Very well. I’ll send some suited dinos over.


Boosts Ratio:

(H = Heroes, V = Villains, U = Unfound)

Health: 0H/0V/100U
Attack: 0H/0V/100U
Speed: 50H/0V/100U
Armour: 0H/0V/100U
Critical: 0H/50V/100U

The most athletic tryko I’ve ever seen lol.

Does that mean like 50 full upgrades or just 1 upgrade

1 boost is slightly good, but not insane. Every boost counts.

100 is the real deal, because it’s a full boost… however, once you have 100 of all 5 boosts, it becomes more than just boosts to stats…

where is therizinosaurs in this (erlidominus, erlikospyx)

Erlidomimus is in the town rn, and erlikospyx died in chapter 2, part 7.