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[JWA Story 3] Part 3: The Hidden Watercave

Pterovexus: So what we got here…

Dimodactylus: Oh my…

The adventurers arrive at their destination… it is the skeleton of Mortem Rex, and it’s partly crushed. The boulders that landed in him have eroded by now.

Indoraptor: Oh I remember giving him that wave…

Monomimus: Do we go in?

Utahsinoraptor: Yes. they all walk in

They go in the waterfall and find a massive cave. It’s massive, full of waterfalls and it’s just all around amazing to look at.

Indoraptor: I’m loving this atmosphere!

Pterovexus: I’m gonna scout for boosts…

They all look around

Monomimus: Oh my oh my! sees a rusted crown This is such a find!

Quetzorion: What did you find?

Monomimus: It’s the old royal families crown… But it rusted after Dracoceratops got exiled…

Thylacotator: Real shame too. Don’t know how we went from Dracoceratosaurus, a respectable ruler who loved his kingdom, to an evil tyrant who loved to see everyone suffer.

Pterovexus: I’d blame biology but we really can’t… Also we- gets splashed by a waterfall oh my!

Indoraptor: Well let’s see…

Everyone hears a bellow

Dimodactylus: What the?!?

Ardentismaxima: Who dares trespass upon my cave?

Indoraptor: It’s ardentismaxima! Ardontosauruses brother… wait I thought you were-

Ardentismaxima: Dead? I faked my death in the fight all those years ago… It boosted Tragodistis, Spinotasuchus and the others to fight more. And they won… Spinotasuchus is a great king…

Indoraptor: devastated face He was…

Ardentismaxima: Was? Did he step down?

Utahsinoraptor: He did step down, but that’s not all… You see, Dracoceratops killed him recently…

Ardentismaxima: Hold on what? Your saying Dracoceratops has returned?

Indoraptor: He has… and he’s already doing chaotic damage. He’s collecting boosts, and we’re doing the same to counter…

Ardentismaxima: I have 75 health and 25 armour… I’d like to come out. People knowing I’ve been alive all this time would be awesome to know…

Diorajasaur: approaches Shame they won’t…

Pterovexus: gets ready for a fight immedietly

Diorajasaur: Long live the rightful king! Dracoceratops!

Indoraptor: Don’t support that tyrant…

Diorajasaur: Hand me the boosts.

Dimodactylus: Make me. swoops down and uses lethal wound

Diorajasaur: counter attacks and uses crit boosts

Dimodactylus: smacked against the wall

Thylacotator: pounces on dio

Quetzorion: strikes him in the leg to be crafty

Diorajasaur: spins

Ardentismaxima: bellows And stuns dio

Trykosaurus: Getting him out! bites him and runs out

Dimodactylus: Grah! Guys!

Quetzorion: rushes over ASAP before getting knocked back by Spinoconstrictor

Spinoconstrictor: grabs dimo Oh it’s over! slithers Away with dimo and nobody can fit through

Indoraptor: Grah!

When they return to the base

Dracoceratops: Ahh you’ve returned…

Spinoconstrictor: With a hostage. But bad news, Ardentismaxima is alive.

Dracoceratops: WHAT? angry Didn’t you all say he was dead? glares at 5 minions

Dracorexes: He’s dead I thought!

Dracoceratops: enough… :imp: walks over and literally kills all 5 of them

Procerathomimus: Augh I hate when people get thing wrongs… I mean after all, this is the great Dracoceratops here!

Diorajasaur: Yea!

Dimodactylus: gagged

Dracoceratops: does a Stance and slowly walks and spotlights flash on him

Insert villain song music here

Dracoceratops: puts on the rusted crown, (Yes dio stole it from monomimus) then proceeds to cackle

From the brain that bought you all the boosts, the Dino that made everyone’s happiness reduced, who did wonderful things like the destruction of town, my awesome attack which made everyone frown.

The kingdom will be mine once more!
Indomimus Rex will be no more!
I remember the days I sat on my throne,
And killed everyone who would moan!
The piles of money made me happy,
And even better, the others unhappy!
But now, I’ll kill all the heroes,
From heroes to dead zeroes!

Dracorexes: Oh Dracoceratops! Our king! The rightful king of the land!

Procerathomimus: Spinotasuchus And Indomimus had no rights.

Spinoconstrictor: Take over the throne by force!

Diorajasaur: Avenge all who died for us, it will be worth it.

Dracorexes: Oh Dracoceratops! Oh Dracoceratops! Your the best of the worst around! The rest fall behind! Dracoceratops, the rightful king of the land!

Singing stops

Dracoceratops: Thank you, thank you… but remember… those heroic dinos are ruining it all… they think I’m not right…

Singing restarts

Procerathomimus: Their the wrong ones!

Dracoceratops: I mean, let’s be fair here… I’m royalty by blood! The others just ursurped!

Spinoconstrictor: I know right!

Dracoceratops: but all that’s in the past… once I get all the boosts, I’m reclaiming my own throne… and I’ll kill anyone who stands in my way!
All will bow before me!

Dracorexes: bowing down Your majesty! We will serve you!

It is now interrupted.

Dimodactylus: interrupts NO! Your a tyrant! You let everyone starve! Your pure evil and loving it! At least those so called ursurpers had passion…

Everyone gasps

Dracoceratops: what was THAT?!? angry

Dimodactylus: I said it. And I think that your an Evil Old Tyrant!

Dracoceratops: walks up to him and throws him in a room, then looks at Spinoconstrictor

Spinoconstrictor: hmm?

Dracoceratops: Kill him.

Spinoconstrictor: With pleasure! goes into the room and you know what happens


Wow my longest part yet… took me half an hour to write.

If dimodactilus its dead the usuary called dimodactilus its dead

10 caracters


Well technically their different. That dimo is different to the dimo that just died


Part 4 will come to you tonight.


Be Prepared being the best villain song? Lmao why would you think that when Dracoceratops,King of The Land exists


I’ll pay to watch a movie version of this


Spinoconsrictor makes his/her famous cookies and offers some to dimodactylus?


Plot twist Spinoconstrictor is good?


Am I the only one that wants to see someone animate that song?


Edited it to make the song longer lol

Famous poisoned cookies.

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How would spinoconstricter make those cookies? :thinking:

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