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[JWA Story 3] Part 4: Return Of Ardentismaxima

Indoraptor: We gotta get dimo back, but first we need everyone to know your alive.

Pterovexus: Yea… we got lots of boosts to show!

Monomimus: Well… get ready for immediate awesomeness…

They head to town

Indoraptor: Hello citizens! I have awesome news! Yea I got the boosts, but that doesn’t matter… Because Ardentismaxima is ALIVE!

Everyone proceeds to lose their mind and go crazy

Ardontosaurus: Oh my goodness! Dad! Your alive?

Ardentismaxima: Yes… look at how you’ve grown. Im proud… I faked my death to boost the morale of everyone else to defeat Dracoceratops. Only reason I didn’t say I faked was because I wanted to wait for the perfect moment…

Indomimus Rex: We should celebrate! Alright you all get some cake!

Trykosaurus: But we need a search party first guys… Dimodactylus got captured…

Utahsinoraptor: Aight I’ll rescue him again…

Dracoceratops: actually that won’t be nessecary.

Everyone immediately gasps in shock, seeing the figure above, and everyone is scared

Indomimus Rex: YOU!

Dracoceratops: You sir owe me that crown.

Indomimus Rex: You don’t deserve it.

Dracoceratops: Well anyway… I killed dimodactylus :smiling_imp:

Dracorex: Well technically you ordered spino to-

Dracoceratops: Shut up. And I’ll prove his death! shows a severed wing

Everyone in the town is in despair

Pterovexus: Dracoceratops you… You! flies over

Dracoceratops: smashes vexus back Oh more news… enjoy those 75 health boosts. I have 75 Attack boosts to balance it out!

Erlidomimus: Enough!

Dracoceratops: When I’m done with all of you… I’ll make sure you all pay. You’ll all be slaves to me! demonic laugh, then dissapears

Pterovexus: Oh my this is awful…

Everyone puts their head down

Indoraptor: I’m going on an expedition, mammotherium your coming with me.

Shift focus on draco

Dracoceratops: at his base They are so scared of me… it’s awesome being me. Everyone fears my very name!

Procerathomimus: Your majesty, I’ve finished the Gen2 project! Indomimus Rex Gen2 and Indoraptor Gen2 are now ready for action!

Indomimus Rex Gen2: walks out Alright who and what do we destroy?

Diorajasaur: Not sure yet. But I’d rather you listen, because the other Gen2 is a bit feral…

Indoraptor Gen2: can be seen brutally devouring corpses

Dracoceratops: I’ll unleash Indoraptor Gen2 to kill any hero on their own. And as for you Indomimus… My plan is to have you take over Indomimus Rexes throne.

Spinoconstrictor: Draco… he looks different!

Dracoceratops: I have an excuse… I’ll say that he got a nice little make-over.

Diorajasaur: Sounds good.

Indomimus Rex Gen2: Do we dispose of the original Indomimus Rex?

Dracoceratops: Precisley…

Indoraptor Gen2: walks out, ready for action

In the mountains

Diloracherius: (For your info, the 4 great heroes who stopped spino the first time are spinotasuchus, Tragodistis, Ardentismaxima And diloracherius) walking in the mountains Augh it’s another cold day… it’s always been freezing… i heard from an outside source that Dracoceratops is trying to return… I really don’t want him to, but I’m weaker now. I’m not who I used to be.

Mammotherium: So you said there’s 50 crit boosts in this mountain?

Indoraptor: yea…

Diloracherius: hears voices Company? Oh my it’s been ages… looks over to see


Boost counter:

Health: 75H/0V/25U
Attack: 0H/75V/25U
Speed: 50H/0V/50U
Armour: 25H/0V/75U
Critical: 0H/50V/50U

those aren’t corpses… they’re clearly leftover cookies that spinocon made


Would showing a skull Instead of a wing be too gruesome for this story?

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I’m assuming so. I probably would’ve been flagged for it. Let’s say In canon, it was a skull, but for the sake of not being flagged, pretend it’s a wing.


halloween zombie cookies

Is it ironic indo g2 is more feral than indom g2? Indo is more agrressive to humans than dinos in the movie, so is that ironic or no?

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Yeah, Indo G2 is supposed to be more like Blue

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This IndoG2 is extremely chaotic evil. It will rarely speak, and is designed to kill any hero or civilian on sight.

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Part 5 when? Hmmm… coming soon :copyright:


Soon is most likely tonight


Ahhh crud I forgot… well I’ll do it on Friday. I’m pretty busy tonight sadly

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wait, shouldnt ardontosaurus be the dad bc ardonto + Brachi = ardentismaxima

indo is quadruedal, so shouldnt that be crawled?

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Well… I don’t always follow Hybrid tree rules… some hybrid and superhybrids are brothers, cousins, parent and child… it’s very uh…

Complex. But I’ll explain:

I don’t want to be limited by game mechanics.

Also their still walking. Dogs walk.

when is your next episode?

you would think indom would be more feral…
and indoraptor would be an evil mastermind…

Writing down part 5.