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[JWA Story 3] Part 5: The Last Old Hero

Indoraptor: Oh uhh hey.

Diloracherius: Well why did you come? I’m glad to have company…

Mammotherium: We spotted some boos- looks at diloracherius for 2 seconds before taking a step back NO WAY!

Indoraptor: It’s diloracherius! Well we need your help! Dracoceratops has returned and is more powerful then ever!

Diloracherius: Oh no… I’m not what I used to be.

Indoraptor: By order of the prince, I would like you to come, or give the boosts. We need them to fight Dracoceratops, or you could show us some tactics.

Diloracherius: Prince? I’m confused. Spinotasuchus has no-

Indoraptor: Spinotasuchus stepped down. Dracoceratops killed him later. My brother, Indomimus Rex, is the king. So that makes me the prince.

Diloracherius: Spinotasuchus died? Oh this is serious!

Mammotherium: It would be great to have some help.

Poukaidei: soars over the sky to see them, and reports to Dracoceratops

Diloracherius: I have 50 critical boosts… alright I’ll come down, but it’s not easy… You see, getting up these mountains? Easy. You did it. But getting down is no easy task. So first thing-

Indoraptor Gen2: pounces on Indoraptor from behind

Indoraptor: Geauah! tries to get him off

Indoraptor Gen2: nearly kills him

Mammotherium: charges and attacks indoraptor gen2

Diloracherius: Lemme try… slashes at Indoraptor gen2

Indoraptor Gen2: All must die… cautiously strikes mammotherium in a weak spot

Mammotherium: knocked out

Indoraptor Gen2: pins Indoraptor and diloracherius with ease Time to kill…

Monostegotops: charges at Indoraptor Gen2

Tragodistis: Leave em alone! clubs them

Indoraptor Gen2: tumbles down the mountain

Monostegotops: You guys ok?

Tragodistis: They need help to get home… at least we got 50 critical boosts…

They all head back

Trykosaurus: Rescue team, did you get them?

Monostegotops: Yes, and the boosts.

Indomimus Rex: Alright… heal them as soon as you can.

Ardentismaxima: Diloracherius will have a shock when he wakes up…

Diloracherius: wakes up as if on queue Maxima?!? Your alive?

Ardentismaxima: Always have been…

Monostegotops: he never died, he faked it to boost the teams willpower-

Diloracherius: Woahey! Get back! I know your stuff!

Monostegotops: You should know I’m no longer a criminal. I stopped.

Diloracherius: Good choice.

Magnapyritor: If only spinotasuchus was still alive… we’d have all 4 reunited.

Monomimus: Guys guys guys… 25 Attack boosts… These are underwater…

Trykosaurus: Oh… can anyone do it?

Indoraptor: I dunno guys… I might take a break for a while…

Magnapyritor: I will take his place.

Utahsinoraptor: So shall I.

Pterovexus: You know… I wonder if I could fly underwater… I wanna try it, I’m going.

Suchotator: I’ll be up. Doing some heavy lifting if needed. And I can swim.

Meanwhile at the base of the villains

Indoraptor Gen2: comes back damn…

Procerathomimus: Might’ve been a mistake. I said target anyone ALONE. Not a group of 3 or less!

Spinoconstrictor: Boosts found at this location!

Dracoceratops: Perfect perfect… underwater right? If anyone gets in your way… take advantage of the environment. And what are the boosts?

Spinoconstrictor: 25 Attack, and yes underwater.

Dracoceratops: Yes… Yes… 100 Attack potentially!

Diorajasaur: The fools wont know what hit em!


Boost Counter:

Health: 75H/0V/25U
Attack: 0H/75V/25U
Speed: 50H/0V/50U
Armour: 25H/0V/75U
Critical: 50H/50V/0U


Trago: finger flick


Enter: Turtles
and spino gen2

Who wants part 6 tonight?


Me. If possible