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[JWA Story 3] Part 6: Aquatic Cave


Utahsinoraptor: muffled sounds

Pterovexus: gets a bucket to talk in an air bubble Are we there yet?

Magnapyritor: bucket for air nearly.

Suchotator: kind of muffled but you can hear it Guys I found a cave! And it’s not completely submerged.

Utahsinoraptor: swims in Gwah! Finally I can breathe…

Magnapyritor: picks up a torch with mouth, and hands it to Utahsinoraptor Get infront.

Pterovexus: So where are the boosts?

They adventure for ages and ages and ahhh… eventually they find a temple

Entelolania: Welcome… we have hereby got visitors to collect ancient boosts… I will not give these away for free…

Pterovexus: Well what do you want? The world to be saved or your boosts?

Entelolania: How do I know your not evil? I have a deranged cousin… a pig with tusks… and I can’t trust any-

Suchotator: Entelomoth? He died a while ago… he tried supporting mortem Rex and Dracoceratops…

Entelolania: I do not know of Dracoceratops… but Mortem rex on the loose is never a good thing-

Pterovexus: Have you been living under a rock? Mortem rex is dead!

Entelolania: Well I’ve been living underwater… alright if you want the boosts, you have to earn them-

Procerathomimus: I’ll be taking those real quick! Don’t mind us!

Utahsinoraptor: enemies…

Entelolania: I sense a great evil from those three… looking at procera, spino and indog2

Indoraptor Gen2: says nothing before charging into battle against suchotator

Pterovexus: guys get them!

they all get into a massive fight, and it’s as if Indoraptor Gen2 is about to kill entelolania

Indoraptor Gen2: bye bye! about to kill them but his tail is dragged Grah? screaming viciously

Grypolyth: grabbing their tail come… under here… literally dragging them under water

Indoraptor Gen2: NoNoNo!!! dragged under and is kept under, and you can see lots of bubbles… until you see none.*

Grypolyth: emerges took care of that one… a good snack later… now you two head out now!

Procerathomimus: ok ok! runs out

Spinoconstrictor: we will kill you next time!

Pterovexus: Phew… at least we got the boosts- GYAHHH!!! Where are they?

Suchotator: For goodness sake… lifts enteolania back on their feet

Utahsinoraptor: I have them chill dude

Magnapyritor: Do not scare us again.

Grypolyth: I wish you four luck. Please defeat Dracoceratops. I fled down here because of them.

The 4 exit

Magnapyritor: We got the boosts guys.

Indoraptor: Good.

Indomimus Rex: I give order! 50 Speed boosts found! Their in… wait give me a moment, WHAT? Their in the old outcast village? Oh damn we forgot about that place now that outcasts are no longer… well… outcasts.

Thoradolosaur: I’m going back there!

Monomimus: I lived their for ages… we could go there, right?

Tragodistis: Easily…


Boost Counter:

Health: 75/0/25
Attack: 25/75
Speed: 50/0/50
Armour: 25/0/75
Critical: 50/50

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Water not rock, you are not excused