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[JWA Story 3] Part 7: Intensity Rising

Dracoceratops: walks into the water cave Why hello there, turtle.

Entelolania: Are you Dracoceratops?

Dracoceratops: Why that’s right! Your the cousin of one of my late allies, entelomoth. He told me your an idiot and hid boosts. Is. This. True.

Entelolania: I am no idiot, but I did hide boosts.

Dracoceratops: Where are they?

Entelolania: “Hid” is past tense. I don’t have them anymore.

Dracoceratops: imma ask you calmly… YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE? IF SO, WHO TOOK THEM!

Entelolania: I am sure of it all. As for who took them… I don’t know many of their names, but I know of Magnapyritor and Utahsinoraptor. There were 2 others with them. And procerathomimus, Indoraptor Gen2 And Spinoconstrictor came But they lost a fight… and well… the white Indoraptor was killed.

Dracoceratops: I see… who killed him?

Entelolania: A creature dragged him away and I saw blood… he could still be alive. But I think he is dead.

Dracoceratops: Alright… well thanks for the info… I’ll repay you with a little present… kills entelolania, then laughs while walking away

Grypolyth: walks out Finally he’s gone… thanks for not turning me in entelolania… wait… entelolania?

Entelolania: dead

Grypolyth: Oh no… grr… ill avenge you I swear! If it’s the last thing I do!

Meanwhile at outcast village

Thoradolosaur: Here we are… wow it’s sandier then I remember…

Tragodistis: The sandstorms smashed this place. We abandoned it.

Monomimus: This was my safe place… I thank it!

Magnapyritor: Well I see it as a prison. Either way, we’re here for the boosts. LOOK EVERYWHERE!

Indoraptor: looking in houses no… I remember here tho… it’s where we solved the utarinex case ages back…

Magnapyritor: DONT SAY THAT NAME!

Trykosaurus: It’s not in the trash cans.

Thoradolosaur: Of course it’s not! Who would put them there?

Trykosaurus: Sometimes people put them where you never expect…

Monomimus: falls out of a tree not in any trees!

Tragodistis: Looked everywhere… benches, towers, houses anywhere.

Indoraptor: picks up an utarinex feather All that’s left of that evil creature… your cousin will join you In hell soon.

Utahsinoraptor: Yo Indoraptor give me that feather.

Indoraptor: Sure ok-

Utahsinoraptor: shreds the feather NOW NOTHING REMAINS!

Magnapyritor: Found them!

Trykosaurus: Awesome! Where?

Magnapyritor: In The well! scoops them up let’s get home using these!

Indomimus Rex Gen2: How about we stay a little longer?

Indoraptor: Hey broth- wait… your not him… Imposter!

Trykosaurus: no kidding I saw him vent.

Indomimus Rex Gen2: Well those boosts would be nice… hand em other and I won’t kill you all…

Thoradolosaur: looks at everyone, giving everyone equal boosts Well sure after we… RUN.

The six run, while Indomimus Rex Gen2 chases, even throwing houses and stuff

Indomimus Rex Gen2: Get Back Here now!

Trykosaurus: shut up!

Indomimus Rex Gen2: uses Attack boosts to cause a quake to trip them all

Indoraptor: Take them all and go!

Monomimus: runs away with them all

Indominus Rex Gen2: what a coward… oh well I’ll fight you all.

Trykosaurus: fights them viciously, but losing

Thoradolosaur: fighting aswell to make it fair

Indomimus Rex Gen2: 2v1 eh? Nah. tail whips and cloaks

Indoraptor: Who’s the true coward?

Grypolyth: Oh hey finally! Magna! Utahsinoraptor! You guys! I need your help! Dracoceratops killed entelolania…

Magnapyritor: Oh no! That’s it.

Grypolyth: Their approaching with an army… and they found 75 Armour boosts…

Thoradolosaur: THEY WHAT?

Grypolyth: I want you all to prepare. Warn everyone.


Boost Counter:

Health: 75/0/25
Attack: 25/75
Speed: 100/0
Armour: 25/75
Critical: 50/50

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The way Entelolania is killed off carelessly is disturbing to me


It goes to show how evil Dracoceratops is. First off he shows no remorse when his dad dies, and was actually happy because he got to be king, and then abused like no one has ever abused before, with letting people starve at best, and executing dinos over minor things at worst. Then he shows no remorse when his cousin utarinex died, and saw him as a failure. He also kills spinotasuchus, a blood relative, with no remorse at all, and takes pleasure. He then kills dimodactylus for calling him out, and now that entelolania helped Draco (slightly) how does Dracoceratops repay him?

Oh yes, killing them.

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I wonder how the heck a bighorn sheep killed a shelled giant pig turtle.

Oh wait, fierce moves.

Genral Kenobi


Indom gen2 sus ngl.


Part 8 comes out tomorrow.


*General Dracoceratops

Writing it…

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