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[JWA Story 3] Part 8: All the boosts

Diorajasaur: Ahahahahahahahahah!

Spinoconstrictor: What’s with him?

Procerathomimus: He found 25 Health boosts…

Diorajasaur: Yes yes yes! All of them!

Indomimus Rex Gen2: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Spinoconstrictor: shuts it yes?

Indomimus Rex Gen2: YOUR MAJESTY! COME HERE!

Dracoceratops: Yes?

Diorajasaur: I got 25 health boosts!

Dracoceratops: You know what this means? All the boosts have been discovered! 500 exist in total. We have 25 Health, 75 Attack, 75 Armour And 50 Critical. We’ve got 225 boosts in total!

Procerathomimus: Oh no… we’re in the minority.

Dracoceratops: Barley. We have all the offence! And armour, taking them down won’t be a problem.

Indomimus Rex Gen2: so we’re fighting them?

Dracoceratops: I’ll see them collapse like a landslide! the most demonic evil laugh you’ve ever seen

The heroes need spotlight.

Indoraptor: Guys… prepare for war. All boosts were found. We’ve got 275, a slight advantage, but they have most offence. Use the speed and health you have to good use.

Indomimus Rex: Their trying to replace me… nice try, won’t work.

Thoradolosaur: Well Guys?

Magnapyritor: Good luck everybody. We’re gonna need all we’ve got…

Diloracherius: I’m standing in again. Although I am not the offensive monster I once was… in the mountains, I studied healing.

Ardentismaxima: Spinotasuchus… were avenging you.

Tragodistis: Together.

Quetzorion: Sooooooooooo you see anything?

Monolorhino: Lock down the city.

Stygidaryx: unless they want to fight, keep the citizens safe.

Indominus Rex: I approve. Now get ready. Shields!

A bunch of alanqa swoop in and make shields

Indoraptor: Make a moat!

Some triceratops dig in and make an empty moat, before pteranodon dump water in

Erlidominus: Group ferocity!

A bunch of baryonyx begin roaring to boost everyone’s strength

Pterovexus: Come at me ya filthy sewer rat. We’re ready.

Monominus: Y-yea I’m n-not scared of you!

Indoraptor: Well guys!

Monostegotops: Never thought this day would come… again.

You see many dracorex charge forward, and their all blasted with dilophosaurus acid

Procerathomimus: Ignore the acid! Push…

Dracoceratops: Water eh? Smart. But counterable! deflects acid, and smashes through shields, and begins to outright murder the dilophosaurus

Indomimus Rex: were fighting for the city.

Dracoceratops: Hand over that crown. It’s mine yknow…

Indoraptor: Your no true king. A true king cares for his people, takes responsibility for himself, and doesn’t kill everyone! And most of all, any king who says “I am king” is no true king.

Dracoceratops: I don’t care about your speech. It may of moved the audience, but if I’m the king, I call the shots. I can do whatever I want! stomps foot and causes a fissure, before turning into a demonic voice*

Im fighting you all to the death.


Boost Count:

Health: 75/25
Attack: 25/75
Speed: 100/0
Armour: 25/75
Critical: 50/50

Sorry this part was kinda short… it’s a build up for part 9 and 10.

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Misspelled Indominus Rex

Fixed it! 10 chars… ugh


Whoa whoa, is this the last story section? Or is there story 4?

This is gonna be the end of the dracoceratops saga?

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There’s one more chapter.

Yes, there is a story 4.

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And yea I’m doing part 9 tonight.

you see the problem with that is that Indom is white with a bit of a red tint while Indom gen2 is black with yellow stripes. this also made me just realised that indom and indo switch color schemes for their gen 2s(indom is yellow and black while indo is white with a red tint)

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