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[JWA Story 3] Part 9: Outright War

Within seconds, dracoceratops charges forward like an angry bull, while the other minions follow. The heroes charge back

Indoraptor: Want some? uses boosts to kill a few dracorex

Ardentismaxima: Arahhhhh! shields up and fights

Geminititan: heh. Do this. uses a Sheild as a weapon

Pterovexus: Lets go! Your ugly! points at procera and your uglier then her! points at dioraja and your ugly part three! points at spinoconstrictor

Diorajasaur: enough insults, kid.

Trykosaurus: lunges at dioraja and puts up a decent fight

Among the general fighting, boosts are flung around

Monostegotops: boosts… GUYS! BOOSTS!

Diloracherius: healing many dinos

Indominus Rex: wrestles with indominus Rex gen2

Indominus Rex Gen2: fights back Grahhhhh!!! I’m you, but better.

Thoradolosaur: don’t be too sure! charges into their side and knocks them over

Indominus Rex Gen2: fights them and its even

Diloracherius: an old trick I once had! sends a rope at indomgen2s leg

Indominus Rex Gen2: EH?!? slips and is holding onto a cliff Grah! slams the ground but accidentally breaks a section of the cliff AHHHHHHH! falls into the ocean, and if the fall didn’t kill him… the drowning did

Grypolyth: HOLD IT. We’re near the ocean?

Dracoceratops: Why yes, you peasants we’re too easy to lure… oh look! An earthquake!

The ground is collapsing into the ocean

Indoraptor: Guys! nearly falls in

Erlidominus: INDO!

Pteraquetzal: swoops in and saves indoraptor last minuite Ehe! No die yet!

Quetzorion: oh my! Thank goodness!

Monomimus: fighting procerathomimus No!

Procerathomimus: Oh yes… everyone of you heroes shall die and it will be epic.

Tragodistis: slams the ground and clubs procera

Procerathomimus: injured but dracoceratops heals him

Diorajasaur: ahahahha… Monostego… I’ve wanted to do this for years!

Monostegotops: maybe… DO IT! lunges at dio, doesn’t shatter their armour but sends them flying back

You all see something weird… where are the boosts?

Dracoceratops: nowere to be seen in the fight

Spinoconstrictor: This is awesome! nearly kills mammotherium

Smilonemys: not today! grabs spins and tosses them

Fighting goes on for ages… filler beware

Alloraptor: in the distance again… ugh. This garbage society fighting. walks into the shadows

Spinoconstrictor, Diorajasaur and Procerathomimus: cornered Oh you may have us cornered… but we’ve won.

Indoraptor: No you haven’t…

Spinoconstrictor: Where are your precious boosts?

Trykosaurus: Their on me- EH? Anyone?

Pteraquetzal: Well I dunno where they are- you see horns literally shoved through him at a super fast speed with full force, before being tossed aside like junk


Erlidominus: guys… get them off Draco before he absorbs them!


Do I need to do a boost counter?

Rope(for diloracherius): Delay 1, Cooldown 1
Target fastest: opponent cannot swap for 2 turns, 80% chance of stuns, slow 20% and remove speed boosts
Target self: cannot deal damage for 1 turn but next attack will do 2x damage/heal


you should make it so indom g2 still alive, maybe he can swim. hes part cuddlefish

Is Alloraptor the Chapter 4 villain?

The Legendary Super Dino should be the next title

Nope. Deconfirming right away.

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alloraptor… nice!


dracoceratops: wait, whered my boosts go?
alloraptor: YOUR SOCIETY HAS DONE NOTHING BUT CAUSE TERROR TO OUR WORLD AND ITS INHABITANTS. NOBODY BELONGS ON A WORLD AS GREAT AS OURS. ESPECIALLY NOT YOU GUYS! points to dracoceratops. i have no choice… you must all die. uses dracoceratops’ 500 boosts as well as his already obtained 2000 boosts and lights up into a blood red flame, and drills into the earth
Indoraptor: well, goodbye guys. it’s been a good one.
dracoceratops: NOOOOOOO!!!
Indominus rex: everyone, evacuate to cover!
alloraptor drills into the earth’s core, using the boosts to make it explode, taking the world and its inhabitants with it, including himself
Narrator: now there is nothing but void, the fight over and the world gone with it.

not canon lol, just a fan thing

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Part 10 comes out tomorrow. I know what happens…