[JWA Story 4] Part 1: A horrible situation

After all the chaos… dracocera won his fight, and took the lives of many. He proceeded to go on a rampage across the globe, and wiped out 5% of the worlds population for no reason. As for our heroes… those who weren’t killed got thrown across the globe, or locked into town. However, three dinos got special treatment.

Stygidaryx: Your no true king… let us go now or you will answer for this heinous act.

Monolorhino: You can’t arrest us for not obeying your foul orders!

Dracoceratops: Oh but I can. Fun fact, I wiped out 5% of the worlds population this week. So Fun! And I haven’t heard from many heroes… as for you indominus Rex…

Indomimus Rex: Hey I’m the king, not you. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. While I’m alive, I’m in power.

Dracoceratops: Well I know what I must do, I’m locking you up in a cell with these 2 terrible guards. I’ll tell everyone I killed you three. And with indoraptor and erlidomimus missing… I am the rightful king!

Stygidaryx: you won’t get away with this!

Dracoceratops: Oh… I already have. exits

Focusing on those blasted away

Indoraptor: wakes up in the middle of a forest Augh…

Trykosaurus: Eugh… where… am I?

Pterovexus: We lost… OH NO! MONOMIMUS WHERE ARE YOU?

Monomimus: Uhh… I’m here… yea… here…

Magnapyritor: I cant beilive that scoundrel won…

Thoradolosaur: We gotta give them payback…

Utahsinoraptor: Lets reunite the og team. We’re mostly all here… except for…

Monostegotops: looks down Poor spinotasuchus…

Tragodistis: You know guys… We should really find a way to take Draco down…

Pterovexus: How?

Erlidominus: Well… we need to see if we can find any more special objects. Any powerful beings. Anything!

Indoraptor: Well I’m concerned for the townsfolk.

Now one more focus…

Alloraptor: walking in the woods near town Augh… that dictator won.

Procerathomimus: What was that?

Alloraptor: I don’t go in town, you can’t do anything…

Procerathomimus: Oh I can.

Alloraptor: fights procera and they draw

Procerathomimus: I am speed! speeds off

Alloraptor: Coward…

At the palace

Dracoceratops: Ahhh procerathomimus. I’ve been expecting you. Me and dioraja have a plan.

Diorajasaur: You see-

Dracoceratops: I’m the king. I’ll say. So you and diorajasaur will take stygidaryx and monolorhinos places as the top town guards… as those 2 were rather… dissapointing.

You hear the sound of a powerful attack, followed by a scream of pain

Dracoceratops: smirks So… first thing, procerathomimus you remember my old rules? I’ll say again, if you see any sign of a rebellion, report them. I’ll kill them. If anyone even insults or questions me, tell me.

Diorajasaur: Yes your majesty, I won’t disappoint.


Hey mods if you think a part is a bit too violent… tell me, I’ll change it, rather then suspending me.






Hoping that spinotahraptor finds his way into this series, maybe as a hero?

I hope that Tuoramolch gets to be in this as a messenger boy with all that speed but yeah spinotahraptor should definitely be in this as a hero even for a little bit

one word:
(meaning acro’s hybrid)

A report button: :black_flag:

oops i flagged this post

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Let’s make that canon. Why? Because i said so.


ooo, alloraptor again! and this time he gets in a fight!


Alloraptor has 126 speed
proceRAT has 127
Allo could speed off after proceRAT

Yeah, you can give Dracoceratops a fair fight by using buffs to make up for the lack of boosts. Tuoramoloch makes up for speed boosts, Irritator makes up for attack and crit boosts, Rajakylosaurus makes up for armour boosts with shields, etc.

Btw guys, when the story is over, I’m making a post with a link to all stories.

Our heroes reunite with the other citizens and their old friends (Grypolyth, Suchotator, Maxima, Diloracheirus). Then they make a plan to attack Dracoceratops. Even better, Alloraptor agrees to join their side. In the late night, they secretly attack Dracoceratops when he is in his chamber and Dracoceratops is left critically injured. They succeed in freeing the three dinos in custody and manage to run away but Monolorhino is killed and Indominus and Stygidaryx are also injured by Dracoceratops’ new supporter Geminititan and Diorajasaurus. Back at their village they meet new creatures who agree to support them. Those creatures are Carbonemys, Allosinosaurus (Thor’s long lost son), Concavenator, Acrocanthosaurus and Carnotarkus. Also, Hadros Lux finds tons of boosts and heals himself up and comes back to join our heroes.

How does it sound?

Suchotator, geminititan (doesn’t support Draco) and diloracherius are dead…


Part 2 comes out soon!

who could we replace those with…


Why not introduce Ceramagnus?

like maybe skonorasaurus and eremoceros and erlikogamma?

Inostherium he looks like a nightmare