[JWA Story 4] Part 2: The Tyrant

Dracoceratops: comes out with crown Aha! I’m your king!

The citizens either mostly silent, but a few boo

Dracoceratops: *gets furious and grabs the boo-ers, and kills them in front of everyone! I AM THE KING! KING! KING! Indomimus Rex is dead! And indoraptor and erlidom are missing! This leaves ME! Now… KNEEL!!!

everyone kneels out of fear

Draoceratops: good… now the rules are explains so many ridiculous rules and any rule breakers will be thrown in the dungeons at best, or at worst… executed! goes into palace I can’t believe my lie about indomimus rex worked!

Meanwhile with our heroes

Indoraptor: We’ve been going for miles… help… anyone?

They all see a deer in front of them

Monostegotops: Hello?

Testacornibus: Hello… you see… I know you guys are heroes who need help. No worries… I can teach you everything you need to.

Pterovexus: I’m testing you! Who’s our enemy?

Testacornibus: Dracoceratops… a tyrant who relies on boosts…

Monomimus: How can you help?

Testacornibus: No worries. Let me show you our hiding spot.

Ardentismaxima: chilling oh hey you guys!

Tragodistis: What will we be taught?

Testacornibus: All sorts of abilities… I’ll make you live up to the best of your ability… and maybe there is a way to extract the boosts…

Thoradolosaur: That’s impossible!

Indoraptor: I don’t think so.

Testacornibus: Indoraptor is right… For them to be removed… dracoceratops has to use them past their full potential… then after a while, they will slowly seep out… and that is when you grab them.

Ardentismaxima: Id personally love to kill him as soon as. He killed diloracherius infront of everyone. And spinotasuchus as well…

Utahsinoraptor: Know what, teach me some abilities to make me stay hidden… maybe cloak?

Testacornibus: You are rather cunning… but you cannot learn cloak. But… you can learn evasive impact to stay hidden…

Utahsinoraptor: Only works when you attack…

Testacornibus: Attack the ground.

Erlidominus: Utahsinoraptor is a great spy and jail breaker. He could see anything that goes on.

Trykosaurus: I hope everyone in town is ok…

Their not ok. There’s so many strict rules, unfairness… and it’s all a nightmare

Diorajasaur: Go on! Do your work! You work for us or die!

Citizens: doing too much work* Were tired…

Procerathomimus: No excuse.

Somewhere else

Citizen 1: I hate dracoceratops…

Citizen 2: Why can’t he die…

Spinoconstrictor: grabs them both Draco!!! They insulted you.

Dracoceratops: gets angry OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Spinoconstrictor: Yes sir…

Another place

Thylacotator: Zorion… you ever think they’ll be back?

Quetzorion: I hope so… Draco killed pteraquetzal… in front of my eyes!

Thylacotator: I found out suchotator died… and what’s sad is Draco banned funerals.

Quetzorion: whispers how evil…

Phorusaura: Hey you two need help? Stay hidden. I’m an escaped prisoner.


you could just refund the boosts, you’ll get like half of them but the other half will be gone and no one will have them


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Draco is a complete megalomaniac

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After the story is done there has to be a prequel

Part 3 I’ll do soon. Either tonight or tomorrow.

Writing it now.