[JWA Story 4] Part 3: Training Time

Phorusaura: Know what I can do? I can instantly rampage at anyone! It’s so quick people won’t even know.

Thylacotator: Well since Draco searches homes a lot… I think we should getaway from the town. Go somewhere where we won’t be noticed.

Quetzorion: I agree but that’s not easy. How? He armed all the gates 24/7.

Phorusaura: Ahahaha… that’s were your… right, but there’s a solution… unscrews some floorboards

Thylacotator: My floor… why?

Phorusaura: Suchotator… he was a great guy. He did this. He hid away by digging this. My friend gryleken also helped him… sadly gryleken passed away 2 years ago. So now it’s us two instead. Now come on, we’ve got no time to waste.

Quetzorion: patches up floor so nobody will suspect So we’re underground?

Phorusaura: Yea… they don’t know this place. And it’s where we planning our glorious return to freedom…

Thylacotator: seeing old plans most likely nostalgic…

Phorusaura: It is to those watching over. We got everything…

Quetzorion: We need some help. But I know a few guys…

Zoom over to the other heroes

Indoraptor: Ahh so I need to use my brain… outsmart Draco…

Thoradolosaur: seems like It. But we gotta defend ourselves… and I’m getting this group crunch off well! It’s awesome!

Erlidominus: Ahh revenge cloak. It’s an amazing thing.

Monostegotops: I think I’m slowly beginning to remember nullification…

Testacornibus: Use it. Use anything.

Alloraptor: Ahh society eh? Attempting to save it…

Utahsinoraptor: Dude were training to save not just society, but the world!

Alloraptor: dude just destroy those boosts, but society? No. We don’t need it. We should roam wild again!

Trykosaurus: There’s 100 reasons that’s an awful idea…

Alloraptor: Uhhuh. And 1000 reasons it’s a great idea!

Testacornibus: puts antlers down move. Your interrupting training. Dracoceratops is a threat to the entire world… they killed 5% of the entire worlds population.

Alloraptor: K fine.

Magnapyritor: Wow so impulsive…

Monomimus: let’s concentrate on our work… I don’t want anyone to die…

Pterovexus: Ahh perfect! Now I can hit harder!

Back to the trio

Thylacotator: Any idea where they are…

Phorusaura: on another island. Training among testacornibus. That deer has so much wisdom…

Quetzorion: Don’t worry you guys… dracoceratops is going down…

Phorusaura: oh btw there’s an exit out of town…

They exit and end up at the coast

Thylacotator: Guys we need a ride!

A mosasaurus takes them over to another island

Quetzorion: hey uhh Mosasaurus guy, do not tell Draco that we used you to escape.

Thylacotator: Alright… ventures with the two until they meet our heroes again

Indoraptor: Yay finally!

Thoradolosaur: hey you two what took you so long…

Quetzorion: let’s say it’s not very easy to escape the rat…

Indoraptor: Well your all alive! And that’s great! And phorusaura escaped from jail. Good.

Erlidominus: and down with that tyrant dracoceratops!

Trykosaurus: yea!

Thoradolosaur: Oh the world will sing of a Dino king a thousand years from now, and not because he passed some laws or h-

Indoraptor: Dude. Don’t copy and paste from movies.

Thoradolosaur: I’m modifying it, it’s called a pardody… why does every song in this story get interrupted… anyway… and not because he passed some laws or had that lofty brow.

While that awesome indominus Rex is in jail and is presumed to be dead, we’ll all have to slave away for that good for nothing Draco. Evil as he is inept, whenever the history books are kept, they’ll call him the heartless king of the land.

Magnapyritor: He sits alone on a giant throne pretending he’s the king! A little tyke who’s rather like a puppet on a string… and He throws an angry tantrum if he doesn’t get his way, and then he calls for the guards, while disregarding life. You see, he sees us all as prey.

Pterovexus: He’s already the worst! He’s been king before, and he’s trying again after being noted as the worst. What a loser! Aha!

Phorusaura: Just imagine killing someone over a difference in opinion… so petty…

Testacornibus: He seems like a megalomaniac…


So is Thor supposed to break the fourth wall every 2 seconds? It’s good, but that’s a lot


so are you guys team tryko or team allo?

Thordor: The (2nd) Elvis of dinosaurs

Ya sure that wasnt a more realistic spino?

Thats why there are 5 walls

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Secuense of trainig activated