[JWA Story 4] Part 4: What nobody saw coming!

Another week of training has passed.

Quetzorion: I uhhh… went back to town earlier.

Pterovexus: WHAT?

Quetzorion: I got some old files… lots of it.

Ardentismaxima: Oh lemme see those! Oh yes so much old info… some of the info I haven’t even looked in!

Tragodistis: I wanna see this…

Monomimus: Old diaries… old photos… old plans… all sorts of stuff you’d expect… a couple old objects…

Magnapyritor: There’s gotta be something in here of use…

Trykosaurus: So far nothing… except a diary that seems to belong to Draco before he became king…

Indoraptor: I gotta read that! reads Oh my goodness… Dracoceratops… he wasn’t born evil…

Erlidominus: What happened to him?

Indoraptor: It seems like procerathomimus was corrupt even before Draco became king the first time… he was maniuplating dracoceratops ever since when he was a child! He told him how power and money is more important then citizens… and dracoceratops took it even further… he is emotionless all the time. Actually give me a second… no I’ve read this wrong… Draco was already desperate for power, and procerathomimus took advantage.

Monostegotops: Was going to say…

You hear a scream

Pterovexus: MONOMIMUS?

Utahsinoraptor: What’s wrong?

Monomimus: Dracoceratosaurus… he… he… augh I cant say it…

Tragodistis: Very well. I’ll look. checks and his jaw drops Oh my… this is serious…

Thoradolosaur: What’s wrong?

Tragodistis: Procerathomimus… he did the unspeakable… coughing, and it’s clear tragodistis is growing weak

Magnapyritor: Trago you ok?

Tragodistis: My age is slowly catching up… Doesn’t matter for now… but this was a shock…

Thylacotator: I’m reading this out if no one else will… so it seems like this is an empty poison bottle… and a note saying “For the kings meal”

Trykosaurus: So your saying procerathomimus poisoned dracoceratosaurus?

Monomimus: nods

Erlidominus: Why that’s a serious crime! That’s high treason! And regicide! All in one!

Indoraptor: Were still legally prince and princess… know what… I charge procerathomimus… with high treason… regicide… and corruption.

Pterovexus: That’s it?

Indoraptor: Those 3 major crimes alone are enough for his sentence… Death.

Lets see the town

Procerathomimus: inspecting houses as usual, and zorion didn’t close the floorboard Hmm? looks inside a secret bunker… yells Ready or not, here I come! smirks Any taxes? Come or else I’m charging you with tax evasion! Wait… looks around and sees an old plan Huh? Oh it’s my poison plan… POISON PLAN? rushes to dracoceratops crud crud crud…

Dracoceratops: What’s the rush. Any rebellions?

Procerathomimus: An old bunker. But that’s not important… They’ll know our secret. I saw my old poison plan!

Spinoconstrictor: What?

Dracoceratops: Oh yea… fun fact, she poisoned my father to get me into power… what a genius!

Procerathomimus: Thanks!

Spinoconstrictor: pretty horrified that procerathomimus did that, but doesn’t say anything. All you see is a shocked face expression

Dracoceratops: oh what is it spino?

Spinoconstrictor: Oh nothing… it’s just that I didn’t expect that! I’m pretty surprised…

Dracoceratops: We cant risk anyone knowing. Or else they’ll charge you with regicide.

Spinoconstrictor: I think the heroes are alive…

Dracoceratops: What? They left the country… and know! If indoraptor and erlidominus know… they’ll charge you. But hey, what am I to fear? I can kill them easily. Just gotta find them…

Somewhere else in the town

Smilonemys: Come on… didn’t get much money… stupid taxes… this charity box is all this town has left…

Grypolyth: I get you… ugh. I come out and he’s in power again. And their going worse then before.

Mammotherium: sees diorajasaur hide the box! It’s bad news himself!

Grypolyth: grabs some of his own money and puts it in a bag

Diorajasaur: walks in Hello everyone! It’s your unfriendly neighbourhood tax collector!

Grypolyth: Shut up and take my money. throws it at diorajasaur

Diorajasaur: That’s from you… sees the charity box Aha perfect! snatches right from it


Diorajasaur: I’m doing my job.


Mammotherium: Yea what’s your problem?

Diorajasaur: Careful there smilonemys, your on thin ice here… You might end up on the end of a-

Smilonemys: furious GET OUT OF MY SHOP! begins to headbutt diorajasaur out, before slashing at them

Diorajasaur: begins fighting back but losing

Smilonemys: YOU WANT MONEY? HERE YOU GO! uppercuts dioraja

Diorajasaur: the fight becomes more even after a while

Dracorexes: jump on smilonemys

Diorajasaur: Ah… cuffs smilonemys Your under arrest for high treason to the crown!

Mammotherium: oh no… grypolyth we gotta escape while we still can…


After all the short parts? Im giving you a long one!


since Orion can sidestep which is an evading move


Part 5 when?

Don’t know. Should be done by Wednesday.


When is the resistance strike back coming? :eyes:

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Soon. This is going to be well… part 5 will be a jailbreak, part 6 will be some filler, part 7 will be confrontation, part 8/9 will be the final battle, and part 10 is the story finale, basically the conclusion.

There are blockbuster movies that aren’t half as interesting as this I LOVE IT

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