[JWA Story 4] Part 5: The Jailbreak

Testacornibus: … … … guys…

Indoraptor: Hmm?

Testacornibus: I sense danger in the town… Smilonemys has been arrested and will be executed in a few days… and diorajasaur is looking out of town for you guys…

Trykosaurus: Oh no! We need to help him!

Monomimus: If we show our faces in down, Draco will wipe us out!

Utahsinoraptor: Then stay hidden. We should split up into 3 teams. One team will get smilonemys out of jail, one team will stop diorajasaur, and one team stays here.

Ardentismaxima: I’ll decide… so we’ve got Indoraptor, Trykosaurus, Pterovexus, Magnapyritor, Thoradolosaur, Tragodistis, Utahsinoraptor, Monomimus, Erlidominus, Thylacotator, Quetzorion, Phorusaura, Monostegotops, Testacornibus and Me. 15 of us. So 5 per team.

Jail breakers will be Utahsinoraptor, Phorusaura, Erlidominus, Indoraptor and Pterovexus. I can trust you guys to be stealthy.

Diorajasaur beaters are Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaur, Monostegotops, Thylacotator and Magnapyritor.

Camp guarders are Monomimus, Quetzorion, Me, Testacornibus and Tragodistis.

Testacornibus: You’ve chosen the best for each task… Very well… jailbreakers, go.

The 5 go into town stealthily

Indoraptor: You four, rescue the prisoners. Imma wear a disguise and get info… creeps into a house Hey uhh you. Your purutaurus right?

Purutaurus: Indoraptor… your Alive? That’s great!

Indoraptor: Don’t spread the word. I need to disguise as you. Stay hidden in the closet. I’m after information.

Purutaurus: Anything for you. And if they ask anything only I would know, here’s something only I know. Carnotarkus likes pineapple on pizza.

Indoraptor: Thanks… gets disguise on and goes to a station

Spinoconstrictor: Oh hey purutaurus… you got your taxes right?

Indoraptor: Yes… hands over some money what’s going on here?

Procerathomimus: Diorajasaur is looking for the heroes… and here? We’re gonna execute smilonemys!

Indoraptor: Execute smilonemys? What did he do?

Spinoconstrictor: High treason, he attacked diorajasaur.

Indoraptor: Alright… when’s he getting it?

Spinoconstrictor: Tommorow dawn!

Indoraptor: Ok… imma do work now… walks back to purutauruses house, takes off disguise and exits down Ok their executing smilonemys at dawn.

Pterovexus: How will they kill him?

Indoraptor: I won’t say, it might be too graphic for the forum. And they won’t kill him. We’re jailbreaking everyone, tonight.

Utahsinoraptor: Agreed! So how we getting into the prison?

Erlidominus: few secs! kills a few dracorexes We can all fit into these dracorex costumes…

Phorusaura: Ok but was killing them needed?

Erlidominus: Yes. Those ones are on jail duty tonight. Let’s go into the prison.

And so they walk into the prison cells… they see horrible conditions

Indominus Rex: and so… this is how I- welp guards. 6 of them…

Monolorhino: Once again I must remind you this is obsurd! Enough!

Utahsinoraptor: kills the only real guard in there I agree.

Stygidaryx: What? Are you serious?

Indoraptor: Were not dracorexes… we’ll say who we are once were out.

Monolorhino: Dracoceratops is asleep… he’s snoring so loud I hate it.

Indoraptor: Spinoconstrictor and procerathomimus are too busy preparing an execution, and dioraja wants to kill quetzorion and thylacotator so yea… let’s get out.

Phorusaura: unlocks the cells Indominus, Monolorhino, go out through the back yard. Rest of you, come through the vents. We’ll still end up in the same location.

Smilonemys: Thank goodness…

And so they vent (sus) and escape.

Phorusaura: Oh come on you guys… did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you? uncostumes

Stygidaryx: Ahh thank you! I was about to lose hope…

Monolorhino: So where we headed?

Erlidominus: I’m so thankful you guys aren’t dead like Draco said you were… anyway… OI MOSA!

Mosasaurus: Yes we’ll take you guys. Oh and Indominus Rex, reclaim the throne when you can.

They all head back to the island

Indominus Rex: quiet its diorajasaur!

Diorajasaur: at the 5 who were tasked to fight him I knew you were alive… here’s what imma do… I will kill every last one of you. And then I will eat you!

Thoradolosaur: Bring it on…



Best part right here :rofl:


What’s ironic that they were literally imposters



There are 5 fake ones among us


Mosa: A big part of the story
Hey Ludia!!! Add Mosa already!


Fun fact: Mosasaurus is the third non hybrid creature (First is mortem Rex and second is hadros lux) and the first creature that isn’t in the game. And some people don’t count apex as non hybrids, so technically mosasaurus is the first non hybrid that’s a proper character.

dracorex: hello!!!

I feel like the final parts going to be something by the lines of
Indoraptor: Die monster, you don’t belong in this world
Dracoceratops: It was not by my hand that I am once again given power, I was called here by dinosaurs who wish to pay me tribute
Indoraptor: Tribute!?! You take dinosaur’s lives and make them your slaves
Dracoceratops: Perhaps the same could be said of all leaders…
Indoraptor: Your words are as empty as your soul, dinokind ill needs a leader such as you!
Dracoceratops: What is a dinosaur? A miserable pile of stat boosts
Dracoceratops chucks an armor boost which shatters on impact
Dracoceratops: but enough talk, have at you!

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Oh yea, but their just minions. No dracorex in particular stands out. This is all one mosasaurus.

I wonder when we will see Bajanotodon, Actual appearances of carnotarkus other than a mention, Carbotoceratops, and Darwez

I’m not planning on introducing any more newcomers for this story. But I might make more stories in the future, like prequels or other scenarios.

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