[JWA Story 4] Part 6: Vs Diorajasaur

Trykosaurus: That’s enough. Your taking this too far, and so is your boss.

Diorajasaur: Well 4 of you are on the wanted dead list, and thyla is wanted dead or alive. I think I’ll settle with dead.

Magnapyritor: That’s enough! lunges at diorajasaur, and slashes at him

Diorajasaur: counterattacks magna

Thylacotator: pounces on diorajasaur and bites him, giving him a wound

Thoradolosaur: charges at dioraja and pushes them over

Diorajasaur: Bet you weren’t expecting this! gets an attack boost, then lunges back at thoradolosaur, toppling them

Trykosaurus: smacks diorajasaur with their club tail

Diorajasaur: grabs the tail and tries to pull trykosaurus over

Monostegotops: charges at diorajasaur and stuns them briefly

Trykosaurus: bites diorajasaur while their stunned

Diorajasaur: shields an attack from thylacotator

Thylacotator: smashes the shield and uses the shards as blades Aha! slices a lethal wound on diorajasaur

Diorajasaur: Gah! counter attacks and knocks down thyla Say goodbye! attempts to bite thylas head

Magnapyritor: interrupts the bite with a fierce rampage

Thoradolosaur: crunches at diorajasaur

Diorajasaur: Grr… ahhhh! lights a fire ILL BURN THIS FOREST TO THE GROUND!

Thoradolosaur: grabs the stick, and Diorajasaur and thoradolosaur are wrestling for the stick

Alloraptor: trying to light a forest fire… no way… charges at dioraja and grabs the fire stick, before smashing diorajasaur into an abandoned wooden hut

Diorajasaur: GRRR!!! runs out of the hut before it sets on fire

Magnapyritor: lights it ablaze

Trykosaurus: Enough! headbutts diorajasaur, and crunches them

Diorajasaur: the crunch hit some necessary organs Grr… having a hard time breathing

Trykosaurus: charges forward and tosses diorajasaur into the burning hut

Diorajasaur: the hut collapses on him, killing him instantly with help from the fatal wound and the fire

Alloraptor: You guys are welcome… now we need to extinguish the fire!

You see a bucket of water dumped on the hut, and a second one

Magnapyritor: looks up Hey it’s pterovexus and stygidaryx!

Monolorhino: Nice fight you put up there! I knew you guys could do it.

Indoraptor: Trykosaurus! Thanks for putting an end to diorajasaur!

Trykosaurus: Anything for the sake of the world!

Erlidominus: Alloraptor… aren’t you the wilderness guy?

Alloraptor: Yea… I decided to help you guys. Dracoceratops threatens the entire world as a whole, and must be stopped.

Utahsinoraptor: That jailbreak… was awesome!

Smilonemys: Yea… they were going to execute me…

Mammotherium: Hey!!!

Grypolyth: Forgot us?

Phorusaura: Nah…

Ardontosaurus: Were all fighting. Now where’s our hideout?

Indoraptor: Hmmm… follow me you guys.

Indominus Rex: Alright! follows, and everyone follows

They all arrive at the training camp

Testacornibus: Glad every one of you got home safely…

Ardentismaxima: Ardonto! You bought civilians! Awesome work!

Quetzorion: Were all incredibly lucky. Now we must save everyone. Draco has killed many.

Monomimus: Were doing this for… pyrritator… spinotasuchus… dimodactylus… pteraquetzal… diloracherius… suchotator… geminititan… and all others who have lost their lives to this tyrant… crying a bit This is so sad…

Pterovexus: Don’t worry brother. We’re going to stop him. Testacornibus has been a great mentor for us all!

Indominus Rex: Thanks testacornibus… you’ve teached everyone a great deal. I don’t know how I could repay you, even as king.

Testacornibus: You can repay me… by reclaiming the crown.

Trykosaurus: And so it is. gets on a high rock Recently, we lost. All of us. We lost friends, we lost family, we lost freedom. Today, we can make sure history doesn’t repeat itself again. Get ready to fight, no mistakes. Most of us know the environment when it was once our home. Two of you fought dracoceratops before. That doesn’t mean we should know what to expect. Be careful, look out for each over. This is the fight for our lives.

Indoraptor: And were gonna win.

Thoradolosaur: Whatever it takes, good luck.

Alloraptor: Nice speech there.

Erlidominus: Right?

Indominus Rex: Alright. Who’s dealing with dracoceratops?

Indoraptor: I’ve got a plan. Anyone who wants to help is allowed.

Monomimus: Who’s gonna help me with procerathomimus?

Magnapyritor: Anyone and everyone. We’re all in this together. We leave at sunset.

Hours later…

Testacornibus: Sunset…

Monolorhino: Lets go guys.

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Me when I see Dio dying