[JWA Story 4] Part 7: Confronting The Evil

A few hours earlier…

Poukaidei: scouts, and sees the burned skeleton of Diorajasaur, buried under a wrecked hut Kraw… scouts over and sees them planning when to attack KRAW!!! flies over to dracoceratops

Dracoceratops: What?

Poukaidei: Kraw!

Dracoceratops: WHAT? Diorajasaur failed to keep his life against them? What else.

Poukaidei: Kraw…

Dracoceratops: Their attacking soon eh? Let’s prepare. Spinoconstrictor, Procerathomimus! Arrest every citizen! We can’t have them fight…

Procerathomimus: Alright! runs around arresting

Spinoconstrictor: Your under arrest purutaurus!

Purutaurus: For what?

Spinoconstrictor: tells a lie Inadequate work!

Purutaurus: your terrible…

Procerathomimus: Allow me to handle this croc… grabs them This one gets death row in a few hours.

A few hours pass, and everyone who isn’t a dracoceratops supporter is in jail.

Dracoceratops: execute purutaurus…

Procerathomimus: Alright… takes them out, ready to kill them Any last words?

Purutaurus: … a lot. You see… you guys are jerks!

Procerathomimus: Alright its time to die!

Indoraptor: yells Don’t get too comfortable procerathomimus!

Procerathomimus: Aha… it’s quiet isn’t it?

Erlidominus: Shut up, we all know what you did.

Spinoconstrictor: whispers to self please don’t be what I think it is…

Indominus Rex: dracoceratops. Procerathomimus has been using you this entire time! She killed your father just so your messed up views she amplified would be in power! The moment you disagree she’ll get rid of you!

Dracoceratops: laughs

Trykosaurus: Were not lying…

Dracoceratops: Oh I know… first off, my boosts are poison resistant so that wouldn’t work. Secondly, she killed my stupid father because he had no idea how to be a king, and neither do you or spinotasuchus! And once I dispose of you-

Pterovexus: Well indoraptor charged procerathomimus with regicide and high treason, and you with corruption, mass murder and high treason. And he can legally do that.

Procerathomimus: let’s see him even attempt to detain… this is funny… aha…

Tragodistis: walks up You disgrace…

Dracoceratops: grrr… I’ve decided. I will kill every last one of you. And then I will go to the rest of the world… conquer every nation and run them into the ground… and then the world will be all mine…

Magnapyritor: Know what? We know what we’re all doing don’t we team?

Utahsinoraptor: Yup! That jailbreak rocked…

Stygidaryx: Lets beat him properly this time…

Monolorhino: Yes… we shall!

Monomimus: I am not afraid…

Ardontosaurus: Show me your moves dad!

Ardentismaxima: Oh we will…

Mammotherium: grunting

Smilonemys: Aha I’m back from the dead!

Grypolyth: This is for entelolania you heartless jerks!

Monostegotops: Oh yea… going from crime to saving the world…

Thylacotator: I’ll avenge you suchotator…

Quetzorion: Pteraquetzal… I’m thinking of you, and doing this for you.

Thoradolosaur: Lets do this well…

Erlidominus: Right on!

Trykosaurus: roars

Phorusaura: No more jail! Guess what? I freed all the prisoners!

Purutaurus: among the fighters Ahh yes! Let’s do this!

Indominus Rex: Time to take back what’s mine!

Indoraptor: yells DINOSAURS!

Pterovexus: whispering yes say it…

Everyone is ready for a massive fight

Indoraptor: Assemble.

All the good dinosaurs charge forward

Dracoceratops: kill them.

All evil dinosaurs charge towards them


what work…
i thought rat fired him

Probably extremely dangerous work. And he never worked for Draco. He was a civilian forced to do stuff or else locked up.

The prehisoric avengers

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Announcer: This oughta be a match to remember… BEGIN!


And…they’re off!!!


Utarinex in chapter 1: KILL THEM ALL!

Dracoceratops in chapter 4: Kill them.

Sense a difference?

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that is the difference

and this concludes the episode of wise words from poukaidei


So every other dinosaur can speak real stuff…
Poukaidei: Kraw!
And you can just say “kraw.”
Poukaidei: Kraw…!!!..!!!

why speak many word when one word do trick?

Writing part 8. Get ready for action.