[JWA Story 4] Part 8: The Grand Finale 1/2

Thoradolosaur: Want some of this? Hya! crunches two dracorex at once

Quetzorion: riding monostego INCOMING!!! jumps off at the last second to kill some dracorex

Monostegotops: charges through Dracorexes and knocks them like bowling pins

Stygidaryx: swooping in the duty! dumping rubbish on the dracorexes

Monolorhino: getting a bit to angry Die verminous scum!

Utahsinoraptor: So our job… aim these rockets at procerathomimus, catch her off guard.

Monomimus: Alright…

Magnapyritor: lights some rockets ablaze We’re up, we have the high ground. We can do this.

Monomimus: There she is… aim…

Poukaidei: lands on the roof and sees them KRAW! flies off to report

Magnapyritor: Ok change target!

Utahsinoraptor: no need. Lemme handle this! gets a blowgun and fires a really sharp and powerful dart

Poukaidei: flying but their wind gets hit by the dart Krakrakra!!! they can no longer fly, so they plummet to their death

Monomimus: Now fire?

Magnapyritor: YES!

Procerathomimus: sees thanks to poukaideis scream and hides Oho! Nice idea! goes around in secret lighting the entire town on fire

Thylacotator: FIRE GUYS! GET OUT!

Indominus Rex: runs out while shoving dracorexes in his mouth

Phorusaura: You have time for snacks?

Indominus Rex: I’m the king, I can do anything I want if it’s reasonable!

Erlidominus: At least you do right things. immedietly slashes a dracorex that tried to sneak attack

Stygidaryx: Monolorhino, stay here up high! I’ve got a plan!

Monolorhino: Ok. *carried to a high skyscraper by

Meanwhile in a cave

Trykosaurus: clubs spinoconstrictor Go down you cowardly snake!

Pterovexus: Aha yea you suck! slashes

Spinoconstrictor: Shut it fools bites at all of them

Ardentismaxima: Be careful guys!

Ardontosaurus: makes sure spinoconstrictor doesn’t escape You on the other hand… stay here!

Tragodistis: on the outside of the cave, batting away dracorex

Smilonemys: pounces on spinoconstrictor from behind Enough!

Spinoconstrictor: whips smilonemys away, and they nearly hit a lava pool

Pterovexus: lava pool… that’s it!

Back near the town which is burning

Alloraptor: Wow… these guys have no respect for anything.

Testacornibus: focus on the dracorex… bring numbers low… rams into several

Mammotherium: kills 3 with one charge Since when this was a competition?

Phorusaura: Always has been! It’s us against them!

Thoradolosaur: It’s time for this! stomps on the ground and causes a fissure Go on!

Grypolyth: The ocean… boats! swims in the oceans and drags some dracorex into the sea Haha yes die trash!

Purutaurus: sees procerathomimus and monomimus in an intense duel Give it to that maniac, monomimus!

Back to the cave

Trykosaurus: bites the center of spinoconstrictor, splitting their spine in two, but missing all organs

Spinoconstrictor: Ahhh! can still slither but not as well Grrr I’ll teach you! tries to constrict trykosaurus

Ardentismaxima: pulls back trykosaurus and the weakened part of spinoconstrictor slips off tryko

Ardontosaurus: kicks spinoconstrictor

Spinoconstrictor: Now what is it huh? Go on. You’ve got no chance of defeating dracoceratops. He’s immortal! laughs

Pterovexus: begins to drag the weakened end of spinoconstrictor, who doesn’t notice

Spinoconstrictor: Ahahahahaha! Die! begins to realise their being pulled Eh?

Pterovexus: Look out below! drops spinoconstrictor

Spinoconstrictor: NOOOOOOOOO!!! they fall into the lava

Pterovexus: yells back YEEEEEEEEEES!!! That’s for torturing me in chapter 1!

Trykosaurus: guys lets get out! rushes out

Tragodistis: You guys all out?

Ardentismaxima: Yes. Now hit it.

Tragodistis: clubs the cave and it collapses Well one less to worry about…

Indoraptor: scouting Where’s dracoceratops… oh no their in the city… wait… perfect! sneaks into the burning town

Dracoceratops: immune to fire Hmmm… know what… I feel a bit… death deprived…

Tragodistis: spins around and knocks out so many dracorex Feels good to be figh- BANG!

Dracoceratops: broke the sound barrier and smashed tragodistis in the weak spot, and sent them flying, and giving them critical injuries.

Thoradolosaur: NO! Grr!

Indoraptor: oh no… wait I know what to do… HEY DRACOCERATOPS! COME GET ME!

Dracoceratops: While yes… searches around the city

Quetzorion: Status update?

Utahsinoraptor: Poukaidei successfully terminated.

Pterovexus: Spinoconstrictor incinerated!

Thoradolosaur: Draco might’ve given a fatal injury to trago… and where’s procerathomimus…

Alloraptor: Oi their over there!

You see monomimus and procerathomimus duelling on the coast, and their fighting across many boats, which keep sinking

Testacornibus: Indo! Draco! Up there!

You see indoraptor and dracoceratops at the top of the castle and their very, very high

To be continued!


wait a minute when did they get a missile launcher? was this in the lore that Utah legally owns a missile launcher

also more wise words from Poukaidei


who is Purrutaurus rooting for?
Calling monomimus manic…

Uhhhhh… he’s rooting for monomimus, and is calling procerathomimus a maniac. Argh grammar mistakes…

Ok I’ve edited it.

RIP fourth wall

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Indoraptor better use some evos from JWTG against boosted Draco with this playing


Poukaidei: Reports Body

Indoraptor: Where

Dracoceratops (Impostor): Where

Poukaidei: Kraw!

Tryko: Poukaidei sus

Vexus: Ye I’m voting Poukai

poukaidei was not the impostor


Part 9 is gonna be epic… I’m planning it and I’ll release it at the end of the day!

It’s time for the ultimate Showdown

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oh my god this is amazing

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Welp part 9s out!