[JWA Story 4] Part 9: The Grand Finale 2/2

Monomimus: headbutts procerathomimus using the spike on his head

Procerathomimus: tackles monomimus

Monomimus: fails to dodge

Procerathomimus: slashes back with claws Your weak!

Monomimus: no… IM NOT!!! jumps and spins 5 times slashing at procerathomimus, all 5 hitting

Procerathomimus: Eh? Grah you!!! tries to kill monomimus with claws

Monomimus: sees a bunch of ropes near the boats pillar that’s it…

Procerathomimus: injures monomimus, then tries to kill them

Monomimus: dodges the killing shot, then uses his claw to dump the ropes on procerathomimus

Procerathomimus: These ropes won’t hold me… bites some off then tries breaking out by slashing

You see the pillar on the ship slowly breaking

Monomimus: Procerathomimus!

Procerathomimus: in their villainous breakdown, slashing blindingly and unaware of the danger she’s in

Monomimus: Procera don’t!

Procerathomimus: the pillar completely breaks and procerathomimus is nearly broken out, but a rope is tied on their leg

Monomimus: jumps off the ship as the hull completely breaks

The ship sinks and procerathomimus is dragged to the bottom of the lake, where you see bubbles and then they stop.

Monomimus: checks underwater Welp…

Procerathomimus: drowned

Pterovexus: Awesome! You just avenged dracoceratosaurus!

Monomimus: Yea… killings not usually my thing, but hey. Long live the king I guess.

Now lets focus on indoraptor vs dracoceratops. Their on the highest point of the castle, and the city is burning below them

Dracoceratops: Come to die I guess? Well tragodistis will die from his wounds. So your keeping him company. And once I get rid of you, everyone else will join you!

Indoraptor: grrr…

Dracoceratops: growl at me, sure.

Indoraptor: GRAAAAAHHH!!! is covered in a green mist

Dracoceratops: What?

Indoraptor: has temporarily evolved into the lvl 40 Indoraptor skin from Jurassic world the game Testacornibus taught me a new form I could only use once… he said to choose wisely… and I have!

Dracoceratops: Won’t help… but let’s fight anyway… prepare to die! charges at indoraptor

Indoraptor: charges back

Stygidaryx: Monolorhino look! Indoraptors got a new form!

Monolorhino: Now I’m glad monostegotops stopped me from arresting him…

Indoraptor: slashes at dracoceratops 5 times

Dracoceratops: retaliates by lunging at indoraptor

Indoraptor: dodges, then strikes back in the eye (this is how I think cautious strike would be)

Dracoceratops: Hey my indoraptor copy knew that… AND ILL COUNTER! wounds indoraptor

Indoraptor: gets up I’ll never give in. kicks dracoceratops

Dracoceratops: begins to rapidly headcharge, and even bites indoraptor

Indoraptor: bites dracoceratops in the spine

Dracoceratops: oh really… heals himself Aha!

Indoraptor: No! slashes furiously back

Stygidaryx: dumps a bucket of lava on dracoceratops

Dracoceratops: immune with my boosts active, lava and fire is useless!

Indoraptor: this isn’t! lunges at dracoceratops with all his claws acting like one single spike

Dracoceratops: uses tail whip

Indoraptor: bites the tail

Dracoceratops: slams the tail, both get hurt

Indoraptor: Grr! bites dracoceratops, aims for the head

Dracoceratops: dodges and spikes indoraptor

Indoraptor: cleanses so he doesn’t bleed out, but badly hurt Why are you like this? You don’t care about anything!

Dracoceratops: As king, its my job to show everyone who’s in power! I AM THE KING! I CAN AND WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT! I DONT CARE IF THEY SUFFER! ITS ALL ABOUT ME!

Indoraptor: Look what procerathomimus has done…

Dracoceratops: She did the best thing ever. TEACH ME HOW TO RULE AND FIGHT PROPERLY! *speed boost tackles, then shields

Indoraptor: shatters the shields

Dracoceratops: picks up a shard and slices indoraptor in the stomach

Indoraptor: Agh! falls down

Dracoceratops: cackles I’m going to win this…

Indoraptor: sees the moon perfect… The night won’t kill me! I’ll never give in.

Dracoceratops: You’ll die before the moon sets- actually… yes… you will… aims at the moon I’m going to drag this moon down and use it like a meteor! It will kill everyone on this island except me! And I’ll take over the world in my image! laughs

Indoraptor: pretends to be horrified

Dracoceratops: as he tries to pull the moon down, the boosts are slowly emerging out of him, and the moon is hardly shaking

Indoraptor: looks at the ground

Dracoceratops: the boosts are loose

Indoraptor: with one swift dash, grabs the boosts from Draco and has them in hand

Dracoceratops: crash down moon! noticing him shrinking Eh? has shrunk back to his default size WHAT?

Indoraptor: has the boosts These boosts are too dangerous for you…

Dracoceratops: GIVE THEM BACK!!! tries to tackle indoraptor

Indoraptor: throws Draco onto the floor No. their too dangerous for anyone. These boosts must go. uses the power of the boosts to destroy them forever

The shockwave of the boosts being destroyed causes lots of damage, and Draco is knocked onto another tower

Dracoceratops: Grrr… gets up It’s not over yet! tries to run over but can’t reach I’ll be back! Grrr…

The tower dracoceratops is cracking, shaking and is collapsing

Dracoceratops: notices No this won’t be! tries to outrun but fails, and trips.

The tower completely collapses

Dracoceratops: AHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! falls into the inferno deep below, and falls for ages until he hits the fire, and the last you see is the fire consume him, as he lost his immunity

Indoraptor: looks below, but the castle collapses… Alright… this is where I die… that’s fine… I did what I needed… closes his eyes and thinks he is going to die, accepting it

Stygidaryx: your not dying today! swoops in and grabs indoraptor Ngghhh!!! lifting him but it’s hard

Pterovexus: swoops in and helps lifting up indoraptor, and the two take him to the outside of town

Monolorhino: gets out of the town

Indoraptor: opens his eyes Eh? I’m alive?

Stygidaryx: We weren’t just gonna let you die!

Monomimus: Yea… your precious! We all saw that fight!

Trykosaurus: That was awesome!

Indoraptor: looks around to see everyone is near him except tragodistis and ardentismaxima Wait guys where’s ardentismaxima and tragodistis?

Magnapyritor: Over there… points

Ardentismaxima: No… don’t…

Tragodistis: My time here has ended… sees indoraptor I served my purpose…

Indoraptor: Tragodistis… is there any way we can heal you?

Tragodistis: My wounds are too great…

Thoradolosaur: rushes over Live please!

Monomimus: approaches, tears in his eyes

Magnapyritor: watches in sadness

Utahsinoraptor: Hey… you did amazing… thanks for everything.

Tragodistis: Indoraptor… your a hero… I may of stopped Draco when he was just a king in fake power, but you stopped him when he was a threat to the entire world…

Indoraptor: puts his paw on tragodistis Thanks… your awesome… you were kind to everyone. Your great.

Ardentismaxima: puts his head down

Tragodistis: his breathing stops

Indoraptor: reverts back into his normal form

Testacornibus: Thanks for not wasting your form… you saved the world.

Trykosaurus: I knew you were special when we met as kids!

Indoraptor: looks at the completely destroyed city Welp we’ve got a city to rebuild…

A month passes as the city is rebuilt slowly, and everyone slowly recovers… Part 10 will release tommorow. It will be the ending to this journey as everyone’s life returns to normal.


Put on whatever epic music you need! Also special thanks to @SonicNTGD for suggesting the jurassic world the game skin!

Interesting ending… I give it 9.5/10.


he doesnt have that anymore
dracorat is now just a naked mole rat
not powerful anymore

Pat 8-9 is 1 second…
but part 9-10 is a month

That part was before he lost the boosts

I have my reasoning. The entire town needs to be rebuilt.

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Rest In Pieces Fake King Draco

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That’s my favorite animal. Just look how cute/ugly it is!


Indoraptor: I used the boosts to destroy the boosts

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Lol so funny

With Dracoceratops dead. The entire world is now safe from any danger

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Forgot to add this on suggestion of @SonicNTGD