[JWA Story] All Characters

The long awaited wait is here! The character list is here at last!


Indoraptor (Main Protagonist, Male)
Trykosaurus (Deuteragonist, Male)
Magnapyritor (Male)
Pterovexus (Male)
Utahsinoraptor (Male)
Thoradolosaur (Male)
Tragodistis (Male)
Monomimus (Male)
Erlidominus (Female)
Indominus Rex (Male)
Spinotasuchus (Male)
Stygidaryx (Female)
Monolorhino (Male)
Monostegotops (Male)
Dracoceratosaurus (Male)
Pyrritator (Male)

Dimodactylus (Male)
Quetzorion (Male)
Thylacotator (Female)
Suchotator (Male)
Geminitian (Male)
Pteraquetzal (Male)
Ardontosaurus (Female)
Hadros Lux (Male)

Smilonemys (Male)
Mammotherium (Male)
Grypolyth (Male)
Entelolania (Male)
Ardentismaxima (Male)
Diloracherius (Male)

Testacornibus (Male)
Mosasaurus (Male)
Phorusaura (Female)
Purutaurus (Male)
Alloraptor (Male)


Dracoceratops (Main Overall Antagonist, Overarching Antagonist of chapter 1, Secondary Antagonist of chapter 2, Main Antagonist of chapter 3 and 4, Male)
Procerathomimus (Secondary Overall Antagonist, Female)
Spinoconstrictor (Male)
Diorajasaur (Male)
Utarinex (Main Antagonist of chapter 1, Male)
Mortem Rex (Main Antagonist of chapter 2, Male)
Erlikospyx (Male)
Spinonyx (Male)
Poukaidei (Female)
Indoraptor Gen2 (Male)
Indominus Rex Gen2 (Male)
Entelomoth (Male)
Majundasuchus (Female)
Einiasuchus (Male)
Gigaspikasaur (Male)


Tell me if I’m forgetting anyone.

So I’m a villain, whats the story about?(can be short summary if you’d like not to spoil)

You can read the story @SonicNTGD posted the link to.