[JWA Story] Character List

This post is a character list, just to be updated to track all my characters. Also spoiler warning…

Indoraptor (Male, Good) Main Protagonist
Trykosaurus (Male, Good) Deuteragonist
Erlidomimus (Female, Good)
Indomimus Rex (Male, Good)
Spinotasuchus (Male, Good) DECEASED
Pterovexus (Male, Good)
Pyrritator (Male, Good) DECEASED
Dracoceratosaurus (Male, Good) DECEASED
Thoradolosaur (Male, Good)
Magnapyritor (Male, Good)
Monomimus (Male, Good)
Tragodistis (Male, Good)
Utahsinoraptor (Male, Good)
Stygidaryx (Female, Good)
Monostegotops (Male, Good)
Dimodactylus (Male, Good)
Monolorhino (Male, Good)
Hadros Lux (Male, Good)

Quetzorion (Male, Citizen)
Pteraquetzal (Male, Citizen)
Ardontosaurus (Female, Citizen)
Geminititan (Male, Citizen)
Thylacotator (Male, Citizen)
Suchotator (Male, Citizen)

Procerathomimus (Female, Bad) Overall Secondary Antagonist
Utarinex (Male, Bad) Chapter 1 Antagonist DECEASED
Spinoconstrictor (Male, Bad) Overall Tertiary Antagonist
Dracoceratops (Male, Bad) Overall Main Antagonist
Mortem Rex (Male, Bad) Chapter 2 Antagonist DECEASED
Einiasuchus (Male, Bad) DECEASED
Majundasuchus (Female, Bad) DECEASED
Erlikospyx (Male, Bad) DECEASED
Spinonyx (Male, Bad) DECEASED
Gigaspikasaur (Male, Bad) DECEASED
Entelomoth (Male, Bad) DECEASED


By the time the story is over, all will be gone. With dust floating in an endless void, to which no man would think of.


Did some little updates… chapter 2 will begin on Friday! Ideas take Time.


Also Utahsinoraptor is a Male now, I edited cus I forgot they were female in my story, so from now on their Male.


great! i wonder what happens this time…

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Big fat update.

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Whats the update? New chapter soon? Nevermind

I updated the list.

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Did a big update.

What is there now, powers have been unbalanced, no bad but only good.

Peace is not permanent…

Nothing stays pure

Entelomoth, when pigs fly

Bruh I can’t edit… augh that sucks… oh well I’ll update the list myself!

Dimodactylus dead
Ardentismaxima as a male hero
Diorajasaur as a male villain
Smilonemys as a male citizen
Mammotherium as a female citizen
Poukaidei as female villain

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huh? whats that…

Deuteragonist is a fancy term for secondary protagonist

add skonorasaurus

add alloraptor as basically a cunning stealthy and powerful villain, not directly working under dracoceratops but rather for the late mortem rex and only mortem. he should appear as the main chapter 4 villain (apart from the main ones: draco, proceratho, spinocon. basically, it would have a role similar to the one dioraja has in chapter 3, but less involved with dracoceratops.)


Diloracherius male hero
Ardentismaxima male hero
Indominus Rex gen2 genderless villain
Indoraptor gen2 genderless villain who’s ded
Grypolyth male hero
Entelolania male neutral(sorta) who died cus Draco’s a jerk

Bruh you forgot Grypolyth in the character list

I haven’t been updating it… and no I didn’t, I can’t edit it. I’ll make a new character list once the story ends.