[JWA Story extra] Indoms and Incubators:The quest for the Missile Launcher part 2

Utahsinoraptor: After going into the Mountains you all see a chest just sitting there, it looks booby trap
Indoraptor: I take the chest
Utahsinoraptor: As you take the chest you feel a cut on the side of your cheek, rolls take 1400 damage
Indoraptor: ow, somethings in here with us and I don’t like it
Indominus Rex: Maybe be a bit more careful as we move on
Erlidominus: Can I see the creature?
Utahsinoraptor: You don’t see it
Indominus rex: oh so it can do one of these
Indominus rex and erlidominus both cloak
Indoraptor: … what’s in the chest
Utahsinoraptor: you find 10 armor boosts…
Indoraptor: hey erlidominus, indominus rex take some of these armor boosts
Everyone gains 15% armor while indorapotr has 20% armor
Utahsinoraptor: …However you are caught by surprise by a carbonemy with a lot of attack boosts, you can assume that this is the guard that stands between you and the missile launcher
Indoraptor: well lets attack it. I use cunning strike to reduce it’s damage rolls take 1150 damage
Utahsinoraptor:pulls out calculator okay so that would be 460 damage due to armor
Erlidominus: I use my lesser group heal since Indoraptor took some damage and Indominus rex isn’t fully healed so they heal by 1000
Utahsinoraptor: Carbonemys uses superior vulnerability on Erlidominus rolls take 1400 and you’re vulnerable
Indominus rex: I use Definite rampage on it rolls 3400 defense shattering damage
Utahsinoraptor: it’s still alive
Indoraptor: I finish it off with an armor piercing impact rolls take 1600 damage
Utahsinoraptor: it falls down defeated and you guys can have a stat boosts aswell as you last ability
Chracter sheets:
Cunning strike
Armor piercing impact
Instant distraction
New Distracting rampage
Resilient strike
Lesser group heal
armor piercing counter
New Group ferocity strike
Indominus rex
Definite rampage
Fierce impact
New Gashing wound

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If utah is narrator then how does he get the missile launcher?

I’m pretty sure it was because he was super cool and had convenient tools around him