[JWA Story extra] Indoms and Incubators:The quest for the Missile Launcher

Utahsinoraptor(our great Indom master): Welcome to Indoms and Incubators, I’m really glad you three could come
We see Indom, Indo, and erlidom on the other side of the table
Indom: I’m really glad that you could do this but did you really have to ask the king while he has an empire to manage?
Utahsinoraptor: Well, I thought that you deserved a break after the whole Dracoceratops thing so I set this up to lighten your spirits, anyway lets begin. Clears throat you arrive at the castle after hearing a special award for bringing a famed artifact to a duke.
Indo: I’m gonna steal a loaf of bread from the nearest cart
Utahsinoraptor: sigh roll cunning
Indo:rolls uh 8?
Utahsinoraptor: as you try to steal the bread from the baker you are intantly noticed and hit rolls take 50 basic damage, as you look up you see the duke which offered you money speak. Everyone seems to be looking at him
Lord Lythronax(our duke for this one off): Welcome poor and rich, I have requested a favor of you. I need a missile launcher to defend our country from the vast amount of Dracon, we can not take another hard hit from the amount of savagery that it deals. I have heard that there is a special cave hidden in the vast plains of puru mountains. Now go!
Erlidom: Well it seems in our best intrest to go there
Utahsinoraptor: you all hop on one of the Touramolch as she rushes you towards the mountains. As you hop off you are immediately ambushed by a pack of gallimimus. Indo because you’re playing a raptor type you go first.
Indo: I’m gonna use armor piercing impact since I do have a bit of fierce rolls one of them takes 1700 piercing damage.
Utahsinoraptor: the gallimimuses goes next and it’s gonna use distraction on erlidom, erlidom you are distracted by rolls 100 percent
Erlidom: I’m gonna use resiliant strike so take 1000 basic damage and the gallimimus and the gallimimus is slowed
Indom:I’m gonna use roar so that all of the galimimuses are attacked they take 1600 defense shattering damage
Utahsinoraptor: the gallimimuses are clearly injured but they can still take some hits
Indo: I’m gonna use cunning strike to finish a gallimimus rolls it takes oh that’s bad, 900 basic damage
Utahsinoraptor: it still can defeat the Gallimimus and they use evasive strike on Indom rolls Indom take 2000 basic damage and they can dodge hits
Indom: How did they do more damage than a Trex type?
Utah: hey that’s what good rolls do
Erlidom: I’m gonna use my lesser group heal everyone heals by 1000 hp
Indom: I’m gonna use my roar again rolls they take 1400 defense shattering damage
Utahsinoraptor: nice job they all fall down. You win! everyone can take one more move
And so our adventurers move on from the battle. I’m gonna end this part as our heroes move on into the mountains


Also here are the character sheets
Raptor type
Cunning strike
Armor piercing Impact
New Instant distraction
Medium sauropod type
Resilient strike
Lesser group heal
New Armor piercing counter
Trex type
Fierce impact
New Definite rampage

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