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[JWA Story] Good to Evil

My JWA story was surprisingly a bit hit on the forums. It has a lot of characters, a nice story and a unique take on the game. But in this vast cast, I wonder. Who is the most innocent and heroic, and who is the most cruel dinosaur? We’ll find out. This is JWA story, good to evil.

The Good :angel:

:1st_place_medal: Getting the gold medal of good, we have to give to Hadros Lux. Hadros Lux is one of the oldest beings on earth, and helped out make the ecosystem as we know it, alongside Mortem Rex and ceramagnus. Hadros Lux was really useful against mortem Rex, and helped without hesitation. They would’ve definitely helped against Draco if they weren’t injured.

:2nd_place_medal: The silver medal goes to Monomimus. Over the story, monomimus is really innocent, and has proven to be hesitant in killing even the most evil beings, showing his pure heart. Even though he was scared, he still stuck with the heroes and fought to the end, even fixing up some damaged wings! Monomimus has a heart of gold.

:3rd_place_medal: Indoraptor gets the bronze medal of good. Being the protagonist gives him some extra points right away. Before becoming a hero, he stole from shops, but not for greed, but because his family was struggling. He immediately stopped once Indominus Rex became king, and was willing to sacrifice himself on many occasions. He defeated dracoceratops, and was willing to die after.

Spinotasuchus is next. Spino was one of the 4 legacy heroes who defeated dracoceratops in the legend. He immediately stepped up to be king once Draco was dead, and made it his mission to help everyone. It’s a shame dracoceratops killed him brutally after he stepped down.

Testacornibus Was super helpful to the heroes. He trained them all to become stronger and have a chance against dracoceratops. There was nothing in it for him, but he still did it. He is also a much better nature protectivist then alloraptor…

We’re gonna place Trykosaurus next. He’s been indoraptors best friend since childhood, and never abandoned him, he went with him to outcast village, and was determined to make sure that indoraptor succeeded in everything, and even stood up to dinos being unfair.

The charismatic Pterovexus places next. He wanted to become king for the sake of his brother, and was always supportive to everyone. He was also full of energy all the time, and made anyone who he could happy. He dealt with torture but didn’t reveal secrets to utarinex.

Indominus Rex comes in! He became king and rightfully so! He never abused his power, and made sure everyone was fed so nobody would need to starve like himself, indoraptor and Erlidominus did. What knocks him down is other then the king thing, he didn’t do much.

Hello Tragodistis, your turn! Trago was another legacy hero. He died in the final fight with Draco, but didn’t care. He was willing to give his life away to make sure nobody else lost theirs. Truly an honourable ankylosaurid.

Shoutout, @Dimodactylus swoops in next! He was a spy to make sure Draco and mortem Rex had plans exposed, he was tortured for being a spy, and even got killed later on, but he died speaking out. He definitely gets some serious bravery points!

We’re going to place Magnapyritor next. He dealt with being an outcast after being framed for a murder that didn’t happen, but went through it all. He was enraged learning that pyrritator died, and immediately made sure to end Utarinex. Although he is a bit too tough sometimes.

Stygidaryx is reporting for duty! She’s a police officer, but is more of the good cop, while monolorhino is bad cop, she is a bit more reasonable in deciding who to arrest. They also saved indoraptors life when she didn’t have to!

Right on, we got Utahsinoraptor! Their a spy. Their definitely my favourite character, as I love how they get so much awesome stuff out of nowhere. Their super cool with their breakouts. Anyway, he’s experienced. He knows what to and not to do, and they make sure all lives are saved.

We’re doing a trio here! Smilonemys, Mammotherium and Grypolyth. Their minor characters, but they’ve shown their generosity, helping out with money because of the overtaxing. A lot of dinos would’ve starved if not for them.

Thoradolosaur comes next. This dude is a tough cookie, and makes sure to show it, by turning into deadpool and murdering the 4th wall! He’s a good guy, who makes sure his friends are happy and secure, while also making sure all bad guys are dead. He loses points because he’s too hostile.

Ardentismaxima and Diloracherius Get ranked together! Their both similar. Legacy heroes who both disappeared after becoming heroes. Questionable, but their still good guys. They put themselves second, and everyone else first. Tho they had no reason to disappear!

Thylacotator and Quetzorion Also come as a pair! Their both best friends, after losing their brothers… They were brave enough to do an escape attempt!

Purutaurus is in good hands, their minor, but they helped indoraptor with a disguise, and nearly got executed. They’ve even got their own story in the works by a fan! I won’t include that story in here, but let’s just say purutaurus is awesome.

Dracoceratosaurus was only mentioned, but they were mentioned to be a loving king. Shame his son was a monster, and so was his advisor.

Phorusaura quick mention. They promised to break out Indominus, stygidaryx and monolorhino, and they bought lots of company! Tho why were they in prison? :thinking: probably Draco… oh well.

Erlidominus is good, but quite flawed. They tease indoraptor a lot, but she still shows loyalty. She doesn’t care that she won’t be queen, but she still has a sassy attitude. Definitely a good Disney princess! :rofl:

They were minor, but we do miss Pyrritator. They didn’t do much, but their a respectable person who would’ve made a great king if uterinex didn’t ruin it.

Mosasaurus was super helpful. Their not in the game, but they helped the heroes, and even encouraged Indominus Rex to reclaim the crown.

Rounding up the overall good guys, we got Monostegtops. They used to be a crime boss, but they never killed people unless it was self defence. He wanted to become king after he decided to end his ways, because they weren’t fair. This shows his heart, and he even became a hero! Good choice, monostego!

Alright. Now all the overall good characters, were at the questionable good characters, or rather, neutral territory. This is the grey area.

Monolorhino is a bit tough for a guard. While their the bad cop, their not a bad person. While their arresting of indoraptor for no reason was unfair, he stopped after. He was loyal and softened a bit, although their still really tough.

Ardontosaurus Didnt do anything wrong, but she was kind of minor… they didn’t do much, other then fight a bit. Good person, but not very good.

Suchotator Gets a mention, their minor and didn’t do much but they were a nice person. Not much is known, and you’ll see this theme a lot…

Geminititan is next. Another minor character, but this time we know more. They did expeditions, but not as nice as suchotator. Another victim of low screen time.

Pteraquetzal seemed crazy, but they were helpful. They spotted hadros lux, and made sure everyone knew. He didn’t mind people thinking he was crazy, because he is, but he also has sense. Didn’t deserve to die to Draco like that.

Entelolania was low on screen time, but they were true neutral. They didn’t help Draco thankfully, although he did lie. He lied well, but died because dracoceratops has a rather nasty way of thanking people.

Alloraptor is a bit of a nature extreme… they were too aggressive about the town, but they did help once they realised Draco was a threat to nature… questionable for sure, but at least they have a heart!

With the grey area complete, we now move onto the dark side. This is the bad and the evil. :imp:

Gigaspikasaur was a minor baddie. Their bad for supporting Mortem Rex, but their screen time was minimal.

Poukaidei was a scout for dracoceratops. She was loyal, and was a useful sidekick. They are still bad, but they say wise words, like “Kraw!”

Majundasuchus was cruel. They were another mortem supporter. Awesome. Not!

Next up is Einiasuchus. They taunted dimodactylus and was gonna be the first to snitch. They also murdered many civilians. Wow, Einia, you deserved to be killed.

Next up is Indomimus Rex Gen2, an evil clone of the king. Designed just to rule, they were nasty and willing to kill, but not too extreme. Their still a cruel monster, but so is everyone else who’s evil!

Entelomoth was next, they were a savage pig. They ripped without hesitation, and was the one to discover that dimodactylus was a spy! Wow…

Surprisingly, we have Spinoconstrictor not too high. Hear me out, sure, he tortured and killed, but he did have a conscience. He shows genuine disgust when he found out Draco didn’t care that procerathomimus killed dracoceratosaurus. But their still evil. They framed magna!

The OG antagonist, Utarinex is next. They put on a nice facade. They fooled everyone, and tried to be king, they murdered pyrritator with no remorse, and if he was king… what would’ve happened… he was also a bad brother to utahsinoraptor.

Erlikospyx and Spinonyx are next, ranked together. Their both similar, mindless killing machines. Evil to the core for sure, but not the worst…

Wanna know who’s worse? Diorajasaur. They were a criminal, a traitor, a Draco supporter and overall nasty. He did anything Draco said, and went out to kill all the heroes! He was determined, but failed. We were all happy when he was crushed under a burning hut.

Mortem Rex was good, but turned corrupt, he caused destruction everywhere, and enjoyed every moment. He was desperate to kill hadros lux! He also referred to all the heroes as house flies. Know what? Go and fall of a waterfall, and get crushed for good measure, oh wait…

:3rd_place_medal: The bronze medal of evil goes to Indoraptor Gen2. Like erlikospyx and spinonyx, their obsessed with killing, but worse! They killed in brutal ways, and if not for grypolyth, they would’ve caused more destruction!

:2nd_place_medal: The silver medal of evil has to go to that maniac, Procerathomimus! I mean, where do I begin? She manipulated Draco as a child, killed dracoceratosaurus, was loyal to all evil things, and blindly did anything. She was fine with murder, torture, starving and had it all with a straight face. We were definelty happy to see her meet her end.

:1st_place_medal: Suprising absolutely nobody, Dracoceratops brings home the gold medal. Dracoceratops might be one of the most evil villains ever to exist. He was a liar, abused his power in every way possible, had no sympathy to anyone except himself, he didn’t care when a minion died, he called everyone who failed worthless, executed for stupid reasons and made everyone fear him. Why? Nobody knows! He’s so sadistic that you might as well call him one of the most pure evil creatures ever. He even killed 5% of the entire world for no reason! He was also desperate for revenge, and in the end, died in an amazing way. We can all agree there is NOTHING redeemable about this sewer rat.


Who did I miss? Did you agree?

awesome. this story was perfect. in every way.


you just broke the 5th wall

And thats the 6th wall

Who were the og dinosaurs again that battled Dracocera orginally?

Dilorachsrius, tragod, maxima and spinotasuchus


Dracoceratops, obviously the most evil

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Naw its the compy’s. They are evil little dinos.

tragod, maxima, spinotas, dilorach

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