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JWA Story:Hell On Earth:Book 2

Welcome to another book of JWA Stories and today I give a adventure that will leave you speechless and story of a Spinosaurus living in hell during the dry season.Where he will encounter many challenges but none that he can’t overcome And Even For The Biggest Killers, Life Never Goes To Plan#THIS STORY WAS REQUESTED BY DAN1209

In A far out land of Mesozoic time there was a king, but i’m not talking about the Tyrannosaurus Rex but talking about one dinosaur who ruled over a ginormous land! Meet Spinosaurus his name George he lives in one of the hottest place on earth.George is 23 ft tall and 52 ft long as big as Tyrannosaurus he is the biggest creature in his territory.But George likes to hang out in the cold rivers where he cools of from the burning sun he lives in peace with many other creatures.George shares is territory with humongous titan’s like Giraffatitan and smaller herbivores like Ouranosaurus.These herbivores don’t worry about George as he is a gentle king besides he only prefers to eat fish instead of meat.As he eats there always one little scavenger named Rugops he is a majungasaurus but George doesn’t care about him taking the food as George know’s Rugops would never be a threat to him so george walk of into the distance a rugops enjoys dinner.But George see’s something in the distance, something big around the size of george but a bit smaller he see’s a pair of Acrocanthosaurus all the herbivores are frightened by the pair and begin to panic but the pairs male go’s after George.George and the male Acro BATTLE George gets 2 bites and a big scratch but the Acro gets the best of him and george pays the price.George is weakened he has a broken arm and is beaten up he limps into the outside of his territory.He sit’s down in the sand wounded but alive as for the Acro pair they have gone hunting & killing more prey then they have to the next day passes and as George goes for a walk he sees a dead body in the distance he sees Rugops in the sand.George thinks why would the Acro pair hunt such small prey like Rugops even though it is his friend he is happy and eats the dead corpse.While spino is eating the Acro pair have lost a member the male was killed during a hunt they were foolish enough to hunt a apatosaurus but while they were hunting the male didn’t notice the Giraffatitan and Boom!! the male is squashed under 1,000,000 pounds of pure force and as this all happened the female just watched her mate be killed right in front of her own eye’s.George was thinking as he was eating Rugops what if the pair have weakened full of hope george Sprinted back to his home.When George came home it was at peace he thought that maybe the Acro’s left but no George was wrong from out of the bush the female Acro came running out attacking everything but in a blink of an eye GEORGE came and grabbed the Acro by the neck and SNAPPED… The female Acro fell to the floor with a broken neck! George has won back his territory and all of the creatures could now live in peace from the Pyro raptors to the Giraffatitan George’s kingdom was at peace but he know’s that those Acro’s & him go back a long time but now he has won and the Hell On Earth has just turned into heaven on earth.

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If you like the story please come tell me some other stories that I can make happen#SHOUT OUT TO @dan1209

Can you make a day in the life of thoradolosaur @Lucas_Hernandez

Sure i’ll make a story about thoradolosaur

‘Hell on Earth’ hmmmm sounds familier​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: