[JWA Story] Part 0: The legend of the evil Dracoceratops

Utarinex: Long ago… there was a dinosaur kingdom… There was a Dracoceratosaurus as king, and the prince was a prideful and stubborn Dracoceratops. Dracoceratosaurus was a great ruler who loved his kingdom, but one day died from poisoning. Dracoceratops became king and abused his power. Eventually, some heroic dinosaurs began a rebellion against Dracoceratops, and he got kicked out. Spinotasuchus became the new ruler, and Dracoceratops was exiled, never to be seen again…

Utarinex: you know, there are rumours about him being in a cave, deep down, plotting his revenge… But it’s just a rumour! Don’t worry, he won’t hurt you.

Baby Dino: Are you two related?

Utarinex: Nahh… just cus we have dracorex, doesn’t mean we’re related. Tho what if we were… heh…

shouting is heard

Stygidaryx: Stop, theif!

Indoraptor: sorry, gotta steal to live! running from lots of stygidaryx and monolorhino

Monolorhino: Oh I’ll have you down!

Indoraptor: gets away there’s some food for you all. Eat.

Erlidomimus: Bro, Our big bro Indomimus Rex is applying for chief, spinotasuchus is retiring…

Indoraptor: oh cool!

Erlidomimus: maybe stop stealing… we’ve got enough food now… and your name needs clearing before we all get jailed cus if you.

Indoraptor: Well IM Sorry miss! But it would be nice to have a break from the cops…

Indomimus Rex: quiet…

So yea I’m beginning my jwa story. This is the prologue, and some info. Indoraptor is the main protagonist, and Dracoceratops will return… he’s the main antagonist.


More characters to come! And story…

Also sorry this part is kinda dull… im just waiting for more to come… I’ve got ideas, and I’ll make them happen.


Looking forward to hear it


Forgot to clarify: The types of things Dracoceratops did were:

Death sentences for even the most minor crimes.
Anyone who challenged him was to be put in prison or killed.
He let lots of dinosaurs starved because he overtaxed, and he had lots of money, greed.
He also tried to make people search for stat boosts, which aren’t even known to exist, as so far their a rumour.


haha. stat boosts.nice story though


How about that kingdom gets a parasite?



NOOOOO I won’t tolerate it


How bout I do anyway.


Parasite? Not a terrible idea… might save it for later


The Nublonic parasite might fit in. Medieval times had a lot of parasites


Part 1 is out! This has been bought up for a “last time on jwa story…”

if only they listened to that baby dinosaur


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