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[JWA Story] Part 1: The New Cheif Elections

Indoraptor: good luck…

Indomimus Rex: Thanks, but if I win, you WILL stop stealing alright?

Indoraptor: Ok Ok. I get it. I also wanna know something… who are the other candidates?

Trykosaurus: Hey dude! You read the signs? Their right there.

Indoraptor: Oh… where are they?

Trykosaurus: So of course there’s your big bro, then there’s Utarinex, Pyrritator, Pterovexus and Monostegotops.

Indoraptor: Wait why is monostegotops applying? How is he allowed? Isn’t he a massive crime boss?

Erlidomimus: says the theif!

Indoraptor: hey I only steal what I can’t afford, and it’s for you all. Plus I’m doing it to survive, monostegotops has killed dinos before!

Trykosaurus: then don’t worry, I doubt he will win…

At the election area…

Spinotasuchus: Hello everyone! As you all know, I’m stepping down. It’s been a great 30 years but now I think it’s good if someone else steps in… I’d like you all to meet the candidates.

Indomimus Rex: hello everyone! I would like to be chief to help out everyone, have some balance, and also to make sure my brother stops stealing…

Indoraptor: R00D.

Pyrritator: Hey. As you all know, I’m pyrritator. I’ve helped everyone, with charity and stuff, I’d like to also help everyone be happy, and put an end to crime…

Utarinex: My names Utarinex. You might know that, but hey. I would love to be the chief! It would be so cool!

Pterovexus: Yea it would be cool, but remember, I’d help people. Would you?

Utarinex: Oh Oh of course…

Monostegotops: Ok listen. You will probably vote against me but trust me, if I become chief I’ll change my ways. Ok? Sound fair?

Spinotasuchus: Well yea, chiefs can be fired any time… Anyway… Betin voting…

Somewhere far away

Procerathomimus: So master, is this good? Try and make everyone like you for our return to power…

(One of the candidates is a traitor): Oh yes… I’ll make everyone like me… I already have charm, don’t i?

Procerathomimus: You also need to kill one candidate…

To be continued…

Alright so what’s going on… I introduced a bunch more characters. The candidates for the new chief (don’t flag me plz) have been introduced, and one of them is a traitor, working with procerathomimus, a past ally of ex-king Dracoceratops, and a modern day criminal.

But here, you might see… The elections won’t go so well…


Who do you think the traitor is? Spoiler alert it’s: [NOPE]

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huh. what does that mean?

What does what mean?

hmmm, I’m obviously suspicious of the Monostegotops, but then again, Utarinex and Pterovexus were just saying they’d help simply… or you might pull a Da Vinci and make Indom the traitor, but I don’t think Pyrritator is

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well if you remember, utahrinex is telling the story, so it couldn’t be him, vexus sounded kinda suspicious, he is the only one who doesn’t have any background.

I wonder if Spinotasuchus has been really well covered for the 30 years and now he will reveal his bad ways

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I still stick to vexus being a traitor, like I said, he has no background.

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And part 2 is out!

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