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[JWA Story] Part 2: The meeting

In Private

Pterovexus: sighs My little brother left this kingdom after he got bullied a lot… I want him and all other outcasts to return… that’s why I want to become the king… I haven’t seen him in years…

Pyrritator: the outcasts? While yes I’d like some to return, others deserve their banishment… you see, I know your little brother well, we were childhood friends… I always stood up for him until he ran away… one day… Id love to see him again… but an other outcast is Spinoconstrictor, and we know he’s not good.

Utarinex: I feel quite bad… not sure what I will do with the outcasts… as you said, their all mixed. I vote we bring them all in! Just arrest the the bad ones! throw them in cages for their crimes.


Trykosaurus: Yo indo! Who do you thinks gonna win?

Indoraptor: sighs I hope my brother does… pyrritator, vexus And rinex wouldn’t be terrible… monostego I don’t want to win tho…

Trykosaurus: yea I don’t trust him either…

Monolorhino: Ahem! Freeze! Drop that bread now!

Indoraptor: Oh come on… I bought it! I’ve decided to stop stealing… our family has enough money, especially now that tryko gave me a massive loan.

Monolorhino: that doesn’t justify your crimes, COME WITH US NOW!

Monostegotops: hey slow down there big man.

Monolorhino: oh it’s you.

Monostegotops: how about this. If he stops, he stops, ok? Like I will if I become the king. I admit to past horrible deeds, but I’m also gonna say that Im a man of my word.

Stygidaryx: monostego you may be 2nd most wanted, but I agree. Come on monolorhino… clear Indoraptors record.

Monolorhino: But…

Stygidaryx: don’t but me, or I’ll headbutt yours!

Monolorhino: ugh fine…

Trykosaurus: Great dude! Now your names done, and your family is fed.

Indoraptor: thanks guys…

Another meanwhile…

Procerathomimus: ooh it’s great… it seems like you’ve done it!

(TRAITOR): oh yes… I’m 3rd most voted… now tomorrow, we plan the attack. Frame monostegotops and get the others killed, then I will reign supreme! evil laugh

Procerathomimus: hold on Dracoceratops. We’re coming…


well, that narrowed to indom and rinex, so with the information id think its gonna be indom.


I’m banking on Utahrinex now. idk why

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Killed, huh? This is getting dark…


Traitors always bring parasites back to the community…:smiling_imp:


I’m hoping I don’t get flagged one day :laughing:


Ping me whenever you upload a story.


Part 3 is out…

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