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[JWA Story] Part 3: The Attack

Spinotasuchus: Hello everyone! The votes final day is today. Tommorow we decide! Now I’d like you all to give a speech.

Monostegotops: Alright. I’ve decided that people deserve more money. If we give more money, less people steal.

In Background

Erlidomimus: hehehe…

Indoraptor: oh I’m done with it anyway.

Back to elections

Indomimus Rex: It’s important to be fair, not just give out free money.

Monostegotops: stands on pedestal that’s right, but we need to slow down the lack of homelessness-


Pterovexus: Ahh My wing! tries to fly out

Indomimus Rex: … how dare you!

Monostegotops: That wasn’t me, I didn’t know that was even there.

Indominus Rex: Alright your coming with me grabs him and heads out

Monostegotops: I’m innocent I tell you!

Utarinex: panicking where is everyone?

Spinotasuchus: help pyrritator and pterovexus!

Pterovexus: argh…

Utarinex: Don’t worry, just go! Run!

Pyrritator: HELP ME!

Utarinex: alright… I’ll help you…

Pyrritator: grabs his paws thanks…

Utarinex: is what I’d say if you weren’t first place!

Pyrritator: what?-

Utarinex: throws Pyrritator off the building

Pyrritator: AHHHH!!! blown far away and falls to his death near the outcast village

Utarinex: hehehehe… AHAHAHAHA!!!

At the castle

Utarinex: fake crying waaaa… I tried to save him but he slipped…

Spinotasuchus: don’t worry, you did what you can. The election is postponed till next week. All pyrritator voters will be reasked to vote.

Back to the hellsite

Indoraptor: nearly knocked out, was in the audience

Trykosaurus: hang in there! running to the outcast village

Indoraptor: augh… wait… that’s pyrritator… oh no!

Trykosaurus: looks like he got killed… I’m taking his body to outcast village, he wanted to help them…

They arrive, greeted by a Magnapyritor, Thoradolosaur, Monomimus and Tragodistis


@anon43877113 here you go

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So Utahrinex huh? @JurassicWolf

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I knew it


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I did not expect Utarinex to do so.

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Oh Utarinex im so proud you already got a meme! You foul vile traitor…

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