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[JWA Story] Part 4: The Outcasts

Indoraptor: h-hey… I’m assuming this is outcast village?

Magnapyritor: it sure is… I do recognise you, I’m surprised you haven’t been forcefully banished ages ago, but it seems like you might be…

Indoraptor: uhh we ran… there was an explosion and we need 2 things… one… this one applied for chief…

Trykosaurus: shows Pyrritators body it’s a real shame, he could’ve won.

Monomimus: OH NO, nonononono! Pyrritator! My bestie no no no… noooo… panicking

Thoradolosaur: Ok we need to get to the bottom of this murder… explain everything, you two!

Trykosaurus: so we had elections for a new chief as spinotasuchus is resigning. Then there was an explosion, I think the other 4 got out alive, but we found Pyrritator dead.

Monomimus: is my brother fine?

Indoraptor: Pretty sure he is… my brother also applied.

Tragodistis: Well your welcome to stay here… Pyrritator will be buried here, in the Center of town. And we will get to the bottom of this murder…

And so, tryko and Indo rest in outcast village, ready for the investigation, and they also began speculating on the murder of pyrritator. Tryko claims he saw procerathomimus signalling to someone else, and saw him running.

Utahsinoraptor: Good, I will get to the bottom of this. I will also find procerathomimus and make sure they are arrested…

Monomimus: Oh That dreadful procerathomimus… he terrorises me and assists in killing my best friend? This is too much…

Magnapyritor: rest please… don’t worry. It’s gonna be alright…

Tragodistis: So more info… It seems like the murderer used 50 crit boots, that’s half of all crit boosts in existence!

Thoradolosaur: How do you know?

Tragodistis: It seems like you need to know a secret… shows them an amazing sight

Indoraptor: NO WAY!

Tragodistis: I fought in the army against Dracoceratops. I have 20 crit boosts and 20 Health boosts.

Thoradolosaur: yea… he only came to help us outcasts. But the town knows he’s a hero, don’t worry.

Trykosaurus: why are you all outcasts tho?

Monomimus: bullies… I ran…

Thoradolosaur: I decided town life life was too much…

Magnapyritor: I got framed for murder, and got exiled out.

Utahsinoraptor: they got mad at me for saying Magna was innocent… monolorhino is such a jerk… I ran out of humiliation.

Indoraptor: oh don’t get me started.

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Boosts found:

Health: 20/100
Attack: 0/100
Speed: 0/100
Armour: 0/100
Critical: 70/100

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this was great! im really liking the characters


Ah, the rural outskirts, the most of a kingdom is the outskirts


Me too! I hope part 5 comes out within the next 3-4 hours!
One thing I didn’t understand is why monomimus was far more shaken than magnapyritor as pyritator is his father


magna doesn’t know he’s related to pyrritator, and he’s not his son. Shhh don’t tell them but their long lost brothers. Plus monomimus is very timid in this story…

Also part 5 is coming out later today! :fist:

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Part 5 is out.

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