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[JWA Story] Part 5: The Secret Mission

Spinotasuchus: Alright pterovexus considering what Utarinex said, I’d like you to spy on this base to see who did it and is working with procerathomimus.

Pterovexus: Yes. Where is it?

Spinotasuchus: follow the footprints…

At the base

Utarinex: Pyrritator is as dead as they can get.

Procerathomimus: Good, but why didn’t any others die?

Pterovexus: begins to spy from a little area

Utarinex: I tried… I will Try to frame Indomimus Rex next, and pterovexus will be my victim.

Procerathomimus: I like this plan

Pterovexus: in head I gotta go…

Spinoconstrictor: hears noises Hey Guys!

Pterovexus: tries to fly out


Spinocontrictor: catches pterovexus and rips their wing

Pterovexus: GAH! screams as loud as they can

Procerathomimus: Nobody will hear you… it’s useless…

Utarinex: lock him up. throws them into a Dino ribcage and traps them You can’t try to tattle now, can you?

Pterovexus: Grrrr…

Spinoconstrictor: and no disssstressss sssignals!

Utahsinoraptor: was spying the whole time

Utahsinoraptor: crawls out while those 3 are distracted

*At outcast village

Utahsinoraptor: Guys! We got info!

Magnapyritor: Sick! Watch ya find?

Utahsinoraptor: Monomimus, we need to act. Your brother is in danger… he discovered the killer and also was spying, but got caught.

Monomimus: Nononono I’m not losing my 2 dearest dinos in a span of 48 hours…

Tragodistis: So… we need to do some things… half of us go rescue pterovexus, and the others go to spinotasuchus.

Magnapyritor: If I step one foot, they will kill me. Instantly.

Thoradolosaur: I won’t allow it.

Indoraptor: we will explain your presence first so their willing to listen.

Trykosaurus: then we talk to Spino about Utarinex and procera.

Utahsinoraptor: there’s Spinoconstrictor working for them too!

Magnapyritor: wait… he’s my “victim”…

Indoraptor: if they know he faked his death, you will be free of charge.

Magnapyritor: well we should capture Spinoconstrictor!

Tragodistis: he’s not our priority…

Utahsinoraptor: I’ve got evidence… you see, me and Utarinex were once close brothers, then he ditched me to let me starve… nobody believes me, as everyone seems to love him…

Indoraptor: we need evidence he’s a bad person…

Monomimus: well I’ve got proof he murdered Pyrritator!

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Sorry to end it on a cliffhanger… I had to! XD

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How long could pterovexus live without his wing? It can’t be more than a few hours

There’s a hole, so for now his flight is badly affected. It could get fixed tho…

oh ok, thanks for the clarification

Part 6 is coming in a few mins.

Edit: live!

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