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[JWA Story] Part 6: The Plan

Monomimus: On Pyrritators body… there’s a feather. It’s like the colour of an autumn leaf. Just like Utarinex.

Thoradolosaur: Oh monomimus you little genius!

Indoraptor: Great. This and the information Utahsinoraptor gave will be good evidence, we just need to capture Spinoconstrictor and free pterovexus…

At the base

Utarinex: Alright time to go to see the chief… oh he’s so stupid… hehehe…

Procerathomimus: Well that’s true. I’m gonna go out and steal more critical boosts!

Pterovexus: You won’t get away with this…

Utarinex: Silence, fool! he and procera leave

Spinoconstrictor: Ooooohhh… looks like it’s jussssssst usss two… letssss have ssssome fun… grins evilly

Pterovexus: pecks at Spino through the cage

Spinoconstrictor: Hey!

Trykosaurus: shouts HEY LOSER!

Monomimus, Indoraptor, Thoradolosaur, Magnapyritor And Tragodistis bust In. Utahsinoraptor is outside preparing evidence

Indoraptor: wastes no time and pounces on spino

Spinoconstrictor: wriggles to get Indo off

Thoradolosaur: uses his arms to grab his end their small but effective.

Trykosaurus: bites his other end to keep him secure

Tragodistis: your not safe anymore… tail clubs the cage, freeing pterovexus

Pterovexus: I’m free… nearly!

Monomimus: Brother we gotta get outta here!

Magnapyritor: Tie him up. Now.

*Spinoconstrictor is tied to the carriage

Magnapyritor: I’ll sit with him, this is all the evidence we need.

Trykosaurus: still got the feather!

Indoraptor: Good. Let’s go.

They all get in their carriage, and head to town

Monolorhino: Well let’s see here… Magna I told You if you ever came back you’d be killed,

Magnapyritor: I’ve got evidence to prove my innocence. Spinoconstrictor is alive and working with procerathomimus.

Pterovexus: it’s true, I’m spying for the chief, and Spino is right here.

Monolorhino: You can all enter. Good luck. Monostegotops will be killed tomorrow, make sure to prove him innocent…

Indoraptor: we knows who’s guilty…

Monomimus: patched up pterovexuses wing

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I’m gonna bump this up if ya don’t mind. Just to say part 7 is coming today, and this is where it’s gonna get intense.

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