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[JWA Story] Part 7: The Confrontation

At the royal area

Utarinex: Alright so the thing is…

Indoraptor: STOP! ALL OF YOU!

Spinotasuchus, Erlidomimus, Imdomimus Rex and Utarinex stop in their tracks

Pterovexus: Ahh I’m here… so lemme explain something… we found out who did it.

Spinotasuchus: Who murdered them?

Monomimus: With all the evidence… shaking we found out…

Thoradolosaur: Monomimus, cut to the chase.

Monomimus: Ok… it’s him! points at utarinex

Utarinex: Me? Why? How? No no no your crazy.

Pterovexus: I went to spy on them, remember? And then he found me and locked me up after torturing me. My wing had to be patched!

Utarinex: Now that’s just crazy. I would never do that…

Indoraptor: By pyrritators body, I found a feather. It’s autumn coloured, just like yours.

Utarinex: Well the wind could’ve blown it off! Your crazy! All of you!

Erlidomimus: Go on…

Utahsinoraptor: I witnessed him doing it, I spied on him while he, procera and Spinoconstrictor were torturing him…

Indomimus Rex: isn’t Spinoconstrictor dead?

Magnapyritor: he faked his death and blamed me to get me banished.

Erlidomimus: I did have my doubts… Magna didn’t seem like the murderous type…

Utarinex: Your just as crazy as them! Someone help me!

Trykosaurus: You also shifted blame on monostegotops. I saw procera plant something near his desk, to have him framed for the explosion.

Utarinex: He killed pyrritator!

Indomimus Rex: Wrong! I carried monostegotops away! He couldn’t of had time…

Monostegotops: thanks guys…

Utarinex: all of you get a brain! I’m innocent! Your all crazy!

Tragodistis: Maybe show us what’s in your little bag…

Pterovexus: If I’m right, those are crit boosts he stole from the bank! 30 of them!

Utarinex: No! Your crazy!

Spinotasuchus: Utarinex, show us now.

Utarinex: pours out some food it’s just shopping!

Monomimus: runs up

Utarinex: Stay away you idiotic ostrich!

Monomimus: rips the bag open, revealing 30 crit boosts

Utarinex: …

Indoraptor: Admit it Utarinex, your guilty. You were also responsible for getting Utahsinoraptor outcasted!

Utahsinoraptor: he was always mean to me but nobody listened. We have two cousins… spinotasuchus, were family.

Spinotasuchus: we are?

Utahsinoraptor: were your baby cousins. Remember?

Spinotasuchus: That’s right!

Utahsinoraptor: were related to Dracoceratops, and the old king dracoceratosaurus is our uncle…

Utarinex: Your crazy!

Monomimus: I did a dna test. Ages ago. Utarinex and Dracoceratops are on the bad side. Utahsinoraptor and spinotasuchus are in the good side.

Indoraptor: Also Magnapyritor must be heartbroken. You killed his brother!

Magnapyritor: my long lost brother… was pyrritator?

Trykosaurus: yes…

Magnapyritor: yells at utarinex MURDERER!

Utarinex: whistles for procerathomimus who frees Spinoconstrictor from the restriction KILL THEM ALL!


The climax is coming for part 8!


Oh, I love them uncovering the traitor

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Im still loving this, keep going.


Oh I’m loving this too. It’s just that sometimes I don’t know how to respond.

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Part 8 comes out today! Sorry for the wait, I got suspended lol

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Great! (for the part 8 not the getting suspended part lol)

This is getting dark,could we have some Little Bits of Comedy.

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I’ll add some for chapter 2.