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[JWA Story] Part 8: The Battle

Procerathomimus And Spinoconstrictor go to fight, and there are a bunch of dracorex following

Indoraptor: let’s go… begins fighting off dracorexes

Tragodistis: You don’t know what your dealing with… attacks procerathomimus with club

Procerathomimus: fights back

Thoradolosaur: Utahsinoraptor, you forgot to mention we are also related…

Utahsinoraptor: doesn’t matter now! Take out these dracorex!

Utarinex: actually you will fight me… utahsino And Utarinex fight brutally

Trykosaurus: Indomimus! Free monostego!

Spinoconstrictor: Noooo… guarding

Erlidomimus: Away! slashes them

Indomimus Rex: breaks their cage open

Monostegotops: Thank you! helps in the fight

Pterovexus: lifts up procerathomimus take a hike…

Procerathomimus: squirms And lands and attacks monomimus

Monomimus: Gree… fighting back but nearly defeated

Indoraptor: away from him! attacks procerathomimus

Spinotasuchus: pins them down

Procerathomimus: has stolen the health boosts from Tragodistis, but nobody knows yet let me go!

Monostegotops: go to jail… throws them in a cage

Dracorexes: try to break procera free

Monostegotops + Tragodistis: defending the cage

Spinoconstrictor: wrapping around trykosaurus you have made a serious mistake my friend… a very stupid one…

Trykosaurus: funny, was gonna say the same thing about you. Minus the friend part! bites them

Spinoconstrictor: ahhh!! loosens grip

Spinotasuchus: I’ll take care of this one too… extra charge for framing a murder… puts them in a cage

Utarinex: fighting pretty well but is pinned by magna

Magnapyritor: murderer…

Utarinex: please have mercy, I beg you…

Magnapyritor: you don’t deserve to live…

Utarinex: well… I still do! charges at Magnapyritor expecting to land a brutal critical hit with 100 crit boosts

Magnapyritor: hmm…

Utarinex: what? But procera stole tragods crit boosts! This can’t be…

Magnapyritor: I have them…

Utarinex: oh give them back! attempts to get up but his foot is caught in a rope stuck in the ground

Magnapyritor: no escape, my friend…

Utarinex: spare me please! I’ll do anything! I’ll give you anything! Just don’t hurt me!

Magnapyritor: I’ll hand it to you… your pretty smart… but you made one mistake… you hurt my family!

Utarinex: Magna!!!

Magnapyritor: chomps down on Utarinex and lands the brutal critical hit

Utarinex: AAHHHHH!!! he literally explodes from the critical hit

All the dracorex are down

Spinotasuchus: these two will be detained in a highly secure prison… we will see what everyone thinks of their behaviour…

Indoraptor: that’s good… wait where’s procerathomimus?

Procerathomimus: escaped by squeezing through the bars

Indomimus Rex: well we need to find them… they have the health boosts…

Spinotasuchus: Indomimus Rex… you won 2nd place, and are now the chief…

Indoraptor: hooray!

Erlidomimus: yay let’s go!!!

Indomimus Rex: as the new chief, the first thing I’m going to do is pardon everyone. Indoraptor And Monostegotops specifically.

Pterovexus: nice work mate!

Monostegotops: well my days of crime are over… I’m gonna change for the better.

Monomimus: ahh please catch procerathomimus soon…


Extra scene:

Procerarhomimus: sir this plan went badly…

Dracoceratops: so my best cousin is dead… and Spinoconstrictor is in jail? Ahh this is bad… but don’t worry… you got the boosts right?

Procerathomimus: 20 Health boosts…

Dracoceratops: well I’m going to hire someone to uncover them all… someone… BIG…


So guys that’s the finale… of chapter 1! We still have 2 more chapters to unfold… and I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now I’ll give you all a say in the next season… who should be the next main antagonist?

  • Mortem Rex
  • Lord Lythronax

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spinotahsuchus pins them down.

Thats genius, having a creature with no escape pinning them down.


you should have mortem be anti hero and turn on lythronax in s3, if ther ever is one.

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Im excited for more of these, I can’t wait to see how the characters progress.

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Magnapyritor doesn’t have no escape mY eMeRsIoN iS fAlLiNg ApArT

All hail the sacred rope!

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Where are the goats?

Lord Lythro is mad that Mortem took his crown as the most powerful creature so they fight each other? :thinking:

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That sounds interesting

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Then the goat comes in and its a 1v1v1? Or Goat and Lord Lythro team on Mortem

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Probably getting eaten by a Trex

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Do you plan on adding any more epic hybrids in the second two chapters by chance?


a bit of foreshadowing. Dimodactylus?

I do… and some rares aswell…

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Ooooo, how exciting

Ok the votes are in. Mortem rex wins


Tonight it comes out. The opening to chapter 2. Get your popcorn ready, your in for a ride…

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Maybe I’ll release it at midnight UK time? :stuck_out_tongue:

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