[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Biolab, Part I

Erlikogamma: Dilophoboa! Where were you! We were training!
DIlophoboa: Um…I was at the dentist! Can’t let these fangs decay!
Darwezopteryx thinks what fangs…
Erlikogamma: We already picked out a secret bunker. Welcome!
Everyone: Whoa s
Erlikogamma: Here is the Medbay, and the training room…Ventilation,…
(Erlidomimus: Bla bla bla, you get the point. Let’s skip this part)
Away, at the castle
Majundaboa: Rajakylosaurus?
Rajakylosaurus: Yes…???WHAT IS IT!
Majundaboa: jeesh Well…I have an idea. Remember Dracoceratops?
Rajakylosaurus: yes…
Majundaboa: What if we brought him back…from the dead!

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Oh snap…