[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Biolab, Part II

Majundaboa: What if we brought him back…from the dead!
Rajakylosaurus: Yes…
Majundaboa: It’s really quite simple. We fuse triceratops and dracorex gen 2 dna to create a viable embryo to spring into a 16 year old Dracoceratops, and we can speed it up even more with this catalyst.
Rajakylosaurus: Then let’s get started!
Erlidominus: Ok I am going to skip this part just because it gives me the creeps
At the Bunker,
Erlikogamma: Sees Dilophoboa, Dilophoboa, are you OK?
Dilophoboa: Coughs Yeah, I’m fi-sneezes -fine
Erlikogamma: On speaker Get Dilophoboa to the medbay! Quick!
Everyone rushes over
Dilophoboa: Agh! You guys go with out me! Stay strong! And r- Flails, Drops down, dead
Charlie: Can anyone here heal?
Bajanotodon: I can! tries to heal Ugh! its not working!
Darwezopteryx: Thats because he’s already dead. sobs
Everyone: crys, leaves
Dilophoboa: -emember, I’m coming for you
Erlidominus: Ok, that was a weird part. Back to the castle!
Dracoceratopz: ugh…Where am I?
Rajakylosaurus: Injects Dracoceratopz with catalyst to speed up memory
Dracoceratopz: Brains…Wait what? No! OK Uh…
Rajakylosaurus: Injects memories into Dracoceratops
In Dracoceratops’ memory

Rajakylosaurus:   Dracoceratops, you and I will take over the world. Just stop 9 pesky children OK?
Dracoceratopz: Ok! Just tell me who. Oh, and rescue Procerathomimus and Indoraptor Gen 2. We have no need for anything else.
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