[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Biolabs, Repairs, Battles, Oh My ! Part II

Darwezopteryx: These look like the ancient…what were they called…boosts?
Paramoloch: Oh yeah! Like the ones Indoraptor used to defeat-
Dracoceratopz: -Me?
Everyone: Ah!!!
Procerathomimus: Hahaha!
Indoraptor Gen 2: Trys to kill Postimetrodon
Darwezopteryx: Quick! Paramoloch! Into the library!
Paramoloch: Ok!
Charlie: It appears Darwez and Para are in the library to study the boosts. Eremoceros, , You take on Procerathomimus. Gamma, take Velosrhacos
Smilocephalosaurus: I will help.
Charlie: You came!
Dilophoboa: I’m Baack! :musical_note:
Everyone: gasps
Erlikogamma: Gasp!
Everyone: stares at Erlikogamma
Erlikogamma: what?
Charlie: Behind you!
Majundaboa: Hssss!
Erlikogamma: Now that’s not very polite! claws her in the face
Majundaboa: scowls
Charlie: Uh…Smilocephalosaurus! I may have just found you a job!
Smilocephalosaurus: pounces on both the snakes
Postimetrodon: A little help here!
Antarctovenator: Nullifys Indoraptor Gen 2
Everyone: Who are you?
At the castle…1 month ago
Diplovenator: Rajakylosaurus, I have to leave. I have a kid now!
Rajakylosaurus: So…you can’t serve me anymore
Diplovenator: Thanks for understanding. Imma go now- drops dead
Rajakylosaurus: Oh I understand perfectly.
Back at the base
Antarctovenator: -And so thats why I’m here. Revenge against Rajakylosaurus. Uses his revenge power to ferociously distract and Rampage on Dracoceratopz
Dracoceratopz: Cleanses, but leaves Antarctovenator almost dead, but still alive.
Bajanotodon: heals him
Dracoceratopz: falls dramatically, then dies

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Wow rajakylosaurus is a monster…

inherits it from diorajasaur…except rajakylo is worse