[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Dawn of Raja

Rajakylosaurus: Move over! I must speak with King Indoraptor!
(in the palace)
Rajakylosaurus: Surrender, or else.
Indoraptor: Uh…
Rajakylosaurus: (pulls out a dagger) Oh well, I guess you will bow down to THE NEW KING RAJAKYLOSAURUS!
(A knife blade is heard, and Rajakylosaurus (Kyle) claimed the throne)
(Meanwhile…) (Local school)
Darwezopteryx: Pick me! Pick me!
Gallimimus: Yes Darwezopteryx, you can present your report now
Darwezopteryx: Oh OK, ahem…My name is Darwezopteryx and…unfurls curtain
Students (and Gallimimus Teacher): Whoa!
Darwezopteryx: presses a button
A bunch of gadgets appear
Darwezopteryx: This is the Geo-locator. It can locate an object from anywhere! Simply put a piece of that object inside this tray, and then push this button. Look!
Darwezopteryx puts a piece of his shirt inside and then gives the Geo-locator to the teacher. Then he runs outside
Gallimimus: OK you can come back inside now it works!
Darwezopteryx (Faintly): OK!
Gallimimus: While we wait for Darwezopteryx to retur-Did you just hear a scream?

this is the second episode! more coming tomorrow

You do realise Indominus Rex is the king, not indoraptor right?

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I know but if you see the previous episode this is 2 years after yours

Where’s the previous episode?

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I see… (10 chars)