[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Purutaurus, Part 2

Purrolyth: we are here to warn you about-
Purrolyth: …that! Deinonychus apparently work for Raja now, and a pack is attacking!
Purutaurus: Uh-oh…
Charlie: I don’t like "Uh-oh"s, what’s going on?
Purutaurus: They have a pack leader! Indoraptor Gen 2!
Charlie: Ok, we need a plan. Me, Puru, Lyth, Pyro and Erlikogamma will attack Indoraptor. Postimetrodon, Spinotahraptor, Darwezopteyrx, you fend off the Deinonychus. The rest of you, stay here and heal anyone. Sarco, I have a special job for you. Darwez, if the defenses are breached, repair them. Go! Go! Go!
they fight
Charlie: Sarco! Stun them!
Sarcorixis: Got it!
All enemies freeze, unconcious
Charlie and Erlikogamma: Do all your damage now, so they can’t strike back!
Postimetrodon: Purrolyth and Purutaurus, would you like to be members of…whatever this is called?
Purutaurus & Purrolyth: Sure!
Bajanotodon: We have to repair this base.
Sarcorixis: Uh…let’s save this for another forum post…k?