[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Purutaurus, Part I

Alarms Blaring
Postimetrodon: Ahhhh!!! What’s Happening???
Darwezopteryx: That is our intruder system I installed…2 minutes ago. Probably just a glitch.
Doors Open
Purutaurus: Ah!!! What is that?
Everyone: in unison: The intruder system.
Purutaurus: Huh?
Darwezopteryx: You see, I installed an intruder system, but it doesnt recog-…
Erlidominus: Bla, bla, bla, nerd stuff. OK, let’s-
Darwezopteryx: Erlidominus, it’s not “nerd stuff”, It’s called science! Narrate properly, will you?
Erlidominus: Uh…no.
Darwezopteryx: ugh.
Erlidominus: Fine!
Postimetrodon: Enough of this comedic bit. Get on with the forum post already!
Erlidominus: Anyways…
Purutaurus: What are you guys doing here?
Charlie: um…uh…
Postimetrodon: Oh yeah, sorry. I have to introduce Purutaurus. Me, Deinonychus, Darwezopteryx, Bajanotodon, Delta…oops
Charlie: quietly crys
Erlikogamma comforts him
In Charlie’s room
Erlikogamma: I know you miss them. I miss Delta, Echo and Blue too. We were best friends. I miss them so much. sobs
Charlie: Remember when we would play? I beat you so many times at tag! Laughs
Erlikogamma: I was so slow…but not anymore! Tags Charlie, dashes off
Charlie: Hey! whizzes off after
Purutaurus: So thats why you live in this secret bunker, with a weapons vault an everything…is that a lemonade maker? eyes widen
slurps up lemonade
Purutaurus: Ok, anyways, I’m here with my friend Purrolyth.
Purrolyth: Hi! The thing is, we are here to warn you about-
Purrolyth: …that

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