[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: Recruitment

Dilophoboa: slithers back to the palace King Rajakylosaurus, There are 9 kids, training to try and defeat you!
Rajakylosaurus: This won’t do! We must gather defensive forces!
Dilophoboa: slithers away
Dilophoboa: Psst! Deinonychus!
Deinonychus: Yes…
Dilophoboa: How would you like to be a soldier for the evil king?
Deinonychus: OK!
Deinonychus: I gathered my friends. They want to be soldiers too!
Velosrhacos, Diplovenator, Edaphocevia, Majundaboa, and Keratoporcus: Here!
Dilophoboa: Let’s take you to the castle.
Erlikogamma: cutting bread karate-style with claws
Bajanotodon: blocking dodgeballs with shields and healing
Darwezopteryx: wounding dummies, then swooping off
Charlie: Pouncing on random stuff
Eremoceros: Summoning lava and throwing rocks
Paramoloch: charging into stuff
Pyroraptor: Practicing silly faces: Distracting
Spinotahraptor: More distracting and wounding
Sarcorixis: Stopping dummies from escaping